How very dare she.........


My friend handed me this paper in Lichfield last week.
A light lunch nearby, and a candle lit in the Cathedral, and some bits and pieces picked up in the market.....yep..felt very 'retired ladies of a certain age'....even if it was a day off from work.
Come to think of it, earlier that day I had been dancing around the bedroom to Lonnie Donegan
(one of the discs chosen by Rick Wakeman for his desert island) and made myself laugh when I caught sight of myself in the mirror, as it was truly terrible 'mom' dancing....naked and wobbly and certainly not a 'pans people' rendition......but it was dancing.


Tom Stephenson said…
I read this post because I thought the title was about Going Gently's John Gray. I am now trying to get the image of you dancing naked to Lonnie Donegan - FFS - out of my head.
Nana Go-Go said…
I was worrying about my ever-increasing weight gain until I stopped myself short one day and said to myself 'for god's sake, you're 60-something now, get a grip, nobody cares'! I'd draw the line at wobbling along to Lonnie though!
Cro Magnon said…
I saw Lonnie Donegan a few years back. He was opening for Van Morrison, and I must say he was excellent. He didn't do any of his early skiffle numbers!
libby said…
Tom, there is the hint of a bromance with you and JG sweet...and have you had a Lonnie Donegan song going around and around in your head now?
also....what or who did I look like I wonder??

Nana, I'm pretty happy with my figure mostly...more belly/arse/hips than I would like but ok for my age....and I think Lonnie is a fellow scot isn't he?

Cro, Lonnie is very under rated I think....and I enjoyed my dancing!
Trish Burgess said…
Well it has been warm lately so some naked dancing is, I think, a great idea.

Must email you - I still have your address. One is winging it's way very soon.

Trish x