Saturday, November 17, 2018

Are you listening Universe?

In the big scheme of things, my request is shamefully selfish and should be ignored, (and of course will be), and truth be told in my pressing list of important things at the moment, this is way way way down on the list....but instead of bothering Jennifer Lawrence, who has a busy acting career to focus on, I would  really really  be up for being in a Dior ad.......hairdressers to manage my thinning old locks, makeup artists to replace my old face with a younger version, and camera people to work their magic on how I look and move.......and something fabulous to wear and no words to memorise....just artful shots of a genuine consumer....64 and knackered and fed up of seeing those ads.........are you listening DIOR!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

A little bit of loveliness......

From tea time yesterday until lunchtime today I have had my grand daughter staying with first 'over nighter'. I can't say I wasn't a little anxious........would she sleep? would she be upset away from her mama and daddy?.
I needn't have worried....she was a delight and a pleasure to be with. We both had our pj's on early and snuggled up to read before bed.
This morning, watching her playing with my necklaces and bits and bobs at the dressing table, after we had made porridge for breakfast, and read 'The Tiger who came to tea' for the umpteenth time, she looked at me and said 'I'm happy Nana'.....................which has been the loveliest thing I have heard in a long long time.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Not scary...exhilarating.....

Yesterday, unexpectedly (because I got partially off route), I found myself driving very very slowly across the Horseshoe Pass in Wales......which would normally have been fine as the views are great.......but yesterday I was suddenly in fog or cloud and couldn't see a foot in front of the was quite surreal and there was no other traffic.............don't know how long it took but time seemed to stand still and everything was quiet and eerie..........exhilarating though!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news..........

I have decided to retire at Christmas.
This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better quality of life.
I will be frugal and learn to live on tuppence and a sticky toffee.
Life is very challenging at the moment.....but I am not being bombed or living in a war zone so I take each day as it comes.
I took my beautiful granddaughter to a toddler group for the first time today - it was really lovely but I found that I kept calling her by my daughters name! perhaps it was because last time I was at a toddlers group was with my daughter such a long time ago! and guess what my grand daughter is having for Christmas? a brother or a wonderful is that......
In a couple of weeks it will be the six week school summer holidays I will have some free time regarding Nana/granddaughter duties....I am tempted to plan some visits to bloggers for warned......I may contact you .....yes you....are you up for it?
My family from California recently came to visit and the house was was lovely. The two young teenage girls worried me slightly initially as they live in a big house with a pool and an ensuite each...and here in blighty we have a down stairs loo and one bathroom upstairs.....I wondered how they would cope with having to queue to shower! but they were delightful....and found most of England 'so cute and pretty and green'.....we did Stratford upon Avon and Kenilworth and Warwick and sat out on the patio here braving eating al fresco (this was before the current heatwave) in a very British way...holding down the tablecloth and wearing fleeces and stopping the wind from blowing everything off the table....they managed very well.
Anyone watching 'The Handmaids Tale'?.........thoughts?

Friday, July 6, 2018

I should kill it..............

There is a mouse in the garden that the cats have been playing with....for is not dead.
It is valiant in trying to escape....but although surely damaged now it will not stop trying.
That I can't bring myself to kill it makes me cruel I suppose.

I watched The Way We Were earlier.......which always makes me cry.

So fucking what.

I want it all to stop

Monday, June 11, 2018


Spending an hour at an allotment open day in the sunshine.
A toasted croissant slathered in butter for breakfast.
Drying washing on a line in the garden.
Having a glass of Guinness when sat in the garden.
Reading the papers and doing the crossword and sudoku.
Using lemon thyme and mint for my salmon, spinach, asparagus and new potatoes lunch, with both herbs picked from my garden.
Weeding the drive......regretting starting the job in the sun but persevering and being happy with a job done.
Watching the last episode of Patrick Melrose.
Conversations with family via the magic of the telephone....which to this day still amazes me as a marvelous invention....along with the camera.
Ordering a new microwave and oven on the internet.....after months of 'shall I shan't I?'.
Eating almost a complete bar of nutty chocolate.
Reading the blogs of blogger friends and being glad of the friendship.

My favourite plant.......not sure what it is........and I loved the wilder plots most but this plot was the tidiest and their house is immaculate!
I'm a lucky girl.

Monday, June 4, 2018

That's not me......

This is a pic from the website....but on Saturday that was me.....flying down a mountain and smiling.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Rain like never before.
Flooding in the porch and the verandah.
Thunder so loud it made the cats jump and run for cover.
The sight and sound and smells in Church that took me back to childhood......I love the smell of incense.
Eating a whole big bar of nutty chocolate (after eating a slice of home made banana bread and a chocolate mousse) to comfort myself because the storm was unsettling. Feeling sick.
Taking myself to bed early and listening to Classic FM.
Looking at goodies on ebay that I will never Hermes scarf, a chanel pearl necklace, and wondering why my favourite scent (Donna Karan Black Cashmere) has been discontinued and if I can source some from somewhere that won't cost an arm and a leg.......

This'n'that and 'phone calls and reading and a cooked breakfast and starting another crochet blanket.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

S'all good......

Take pleasure where and when you can.
Feel the sun on your face.
Cuddle your grandchild.
Be thankful that bombs don't rain down on your home.
Drink a cup of tea or a gin and tonic.
Water your plants.
Sleep and be thankful to wake.
S'all good......even at times when it isn't.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sometimes this is just the right thing to hear......

Gavin Bryars...Jesus' blood never failed me yet.........look it up on youtube.

I love Tom Waits and the one time I saw him live in London I felt like a proper grown up.
I had driven from my midlands town, on a Friday night, in traffic, when I hadn't been driving for all that long....I think it was late 70's early 80's, but it was worth it to see him on stage. At that time I didn't know anyone in London and had to drive back that same night. I sometimes think that if the fates had thrown me a different way that night then I would not be where I am today.......but hey..they do what they do ...and it was a really great concert and a fabulous memory.

Are you listening Universe?

In the big scheme of things, my request is shamefully selfish and should be ignored, (and of course will be), and truth be told in my pressi...