Friday, September 22, 2017

A comfort break?

I adore looking after my beautiful grandaughter.
At my age though, when I need to wee, I need to finding somewhere safe to place a 10 month old in a hurry so that I can dash to the lavatory has meant that I recently bought a travel cot/playpen for her..............did you hear her sobbing this week when I sat her in it for the first time? I'm sure you must have heard her.
She was quite loud.
I was quickly back in her sight.
She had her arms up ready for me to lift her out of the 'prison' and peace was restored......but I really really will need her to be ok in it now and again....I don't want to have her fall and hurt herself or come to any harm on my watch!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Elderly parents. Difficulty with words and mobility and easy to eat food necessary.


9 month old grand daughter day. Difficulty with words and mobility and easy to eat food necessary.


Elderly parents. Difficulty with words and mobility and easy to eat food necessary.

See a pattern?
although I have only had to change one tiny bottom this week ...........

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The next chapter....

I am reducing my hours/days at work from next week.
Today is my last Wednesday!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Multi fuel, gas or logs?

I think I have decided which stove to buy for the sitting room - possibly - but just when I am sure we will have logs my husband suggests gas or multi fuel as it will be 'easier'............................mmmmm..
Logs it is!
Now to source flooring and window shutters..........
Hopefully the room will be done before Christmas......oh Ker-rikey....fancy mentioning the C word so early in the year!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Nana time.....

For the very first time I had my granddaughter for the whole day today....from waking up in pyjamas through breakfast, lunch, snacks and then dinner....with three walks in the sunshine and lots of book reading and playing and singing and smiling and laughter along the way.....and best of all I stole a million kisses from her....she didn't seem to mind and they made my day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A proper scraper? who needs one of those........

This is the second week of my annual 2 weeks leave from work. I am not sat on a beach sipping something cooling and tasty. I am not in far flung places. I am at home. I am stripping the wallpaper from the sitting room walls....... I know how to live don't I? and yes that is a kitchen utensil on the steps.....I can't find the proper scraper and this is doing the job very well so far. I should have started this job last week but I have had a day or two out and pootled about some so don't feel too sorry for me.  I had a day at Shrewsbury show which was delightful..I did want to buy some of this beautiful enamel ware but my house is already full of stuff I don't need and if I am ever going to retire I must be a little more frugal, although I did buy some white allium bulbs......and was entranced by this Dahlia which was my favourite flower on the day (being a little on the fickle side my 'favourites' change quite often). I visited Harrogate and Bolton Abbey (I so enjoyed walking across the river stones) and found the sight of these 'golf balls' quite something to behold. The weekend just gone was spent in Whitstable and I did some shopping in Canterbury. I have watched TV and spent some time just reading or listening to the radio while I pottered about the house practising for retirement, and found these bottles of wine lying down in the back of a cupboard that I finally got around to cleaning out...I suppose they will be vinegar by now.
I have visited lots of wood burning stove shops doing research on buying one for the room that I am working on now.....and the other week I had a lovely lunch with my blogging friend Auntiegwen.
I like not being at work. I like it very much.

Friday, July 21, 2017

My current wants/needs.........

I seem to be running  somewhat low.
If only there was a little shop on the corner where I could pop in, proffer a card to be stamped and
say 'could you top me up please'. Am I really the only one who finds I haven't enough to go around?

Some sunshine.
Grey, wet and windy gets you down after a while, and no I'm not talking about the mister................although....scratches chin and looks off into the distance.......

A walk in shower for Ma and Pa, and being able to find a good builder who can put one in for them.

The wherewithal to book a trip to Yorkshire sculpture park...keep meaning to do is a picture of a sculpture in Lisbon....what do you think?