Monday, June 11, 2018


Spending an hour at an allotment open day in the sunshine.
A toasted croissant slathered in butter for breakfast.
Drying washing on a line in the garden.
Having a glass of Guinness when sat in the garden.
Reading the papers and doing the crossword and sudoku.
Using lemon thyme and mint for my salmon, spinach, asparagus and new potatoes lunch, with both herbs picked from my garden.
Weeding the drive......regretting starting the job in the sun but persevering and being happy with a job done.
Watching the last episode of Patrick Melrose.
Conversations with family via the magic of the telephone....which to this day still amazes me as a marvelous invention....along with the camera.
Ordering a new microwave and oven on the internet.....after months of 'shall I shan't I?'.
Eating almost a complete bar of nutty chocolate.
Reading the blogs of blogger friends and being glad of the friendship.

My favourite plant.......not sure what it is........and I loved the wilder plots most but this plot was the tidiest and their house is immaculate!
I'm a lucky girl.

Monday, June 4, 2018

That's not me......

This is a pic from the website....but on Saturday that was me.....flying down a mountain and smiling.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Rain like never before.
Flooding in the porch and the verandah.
Thunder so loud it made the cats jump and run for cover.
The sight and sound and smells in Church that took me back to childhood......I love the smell of incense.
Eating a whole big bar of nutty chocolate (after eating a slice of home made banana bread and a chocolate mousse) to comfort myself because the storm was unsettling. Feeling sick.
Taking myself to bed early and listening to Classic FM.
Looking at goodies on ebay that I will never Hermes scarf, a chanel pearl necklace, and wondering why my favourite scent (Donna Karan Black Cashmere) has been discontinued and if I can source some from somewhere that won't cost an arm and a leg.......

This'n'that and 'phone calls and reading and a cooked breakfast and starting another crochet blanket.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

S'all good......

Take pleasure where and when you can.
Feel the sun on your face.
Cuddle your grandchild.
Be thankful that bombs don't rain down on your home.
Drink a cup of tea or a gin and tonic.
Water your plants.
Sleep and be thankful to wake.
S'all good......even at times when it isn't.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sometimes this is just the right thing to hear......

Gavin Bryars...Jesus' blood never failed me yet.........look it up on youtube.

I love Tom Waits and the one time I saw him live in London I felt like a proper grown up.
I had driven from my midlands town, on a Friday night, in traffic, when I hadn't been driving for all that long....I think it was late 70's early 80's, but it was worth it to see him on stage. At that time I didn't know anyone in London and had to drive back that same night. I sometimes think that if the fates had thrown me a different way that night then I would not be where I am today.......but hey..they do what they do ...and it was a really great concert and a fabulous memory.

Monday, April 2, 2018


I couldn't sleep last night, and lay for hours trying to get comfortable, as I had a pain in my lower back just on one side....and the return of the tickly cough sore throat combo that was the start of my flu weeks ago. I do hope there isn't a repeat performance of that............................

The sound of the dawn chorus and the softly swishing falling snow was delightful though.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Is there anybody out there? A message from me to you.......

In the Heavens? In the Universe? Reading this blog? .....Well......
Happy Easter to you ....peace and love to you all.... x

ps and the fact that I have been to Mass and am enjoying a glass of wine now does not mean that I am becoming mellow and 'love to all men' etc.,.........or maybe it does............................x

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A little sunshine.....

I have had the flu. Not a cold or a bit of something light...proper not able to get out of bed flu.
I have never felt so drained of energy.
To help with recovering we have just had a week in Fuerteventura.....which was hot and sunny.
So we went from this.....
 To this.....
It was the strangest holiday, because really I was still unwell, so for the first 4 days I lay around in the shade reading and sleeping and feeling a bit 'mind blown' about the change of weather.....but I do appreciate how lucky I am to have been able to take such a break and we really enjoyed it and plan to return. A blue sky lifts the spirits.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Made a start.....

In the spirit of 'doing things' as mentioned in my previous post,  in the last week I have been out for a mexican meal with one friend  and I have also been to the cinema with another .....sort of enjoyed both, although truth be told mexican food is not to my taste....and the waiter putting a large sombrero on my head at one point was just not as fun as all the other sombrero wearing diners found it to be ....they, and my friend,  seemed to be happy with the hat thing going on and I realised that I should just avoid certain social situations....I'm not hard wired that way...maybe being sober (I was driving so had no choice) was the mistake, and perhaps if I'd had more than one drink I would have laughed and smiled and worn the fucking hat with joy, instead of removing it almost instantly..........

The baked potato I had this evening (slathered in lurpak) was much more me......I am happy with my boring taste in food and care not a jot if carbohydrate overload is boring to everyone is my go to meal and I love it. Hatless.

 I did enjoy the film (Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri) and the gin cocktail I had with my meal. Go me.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Not enough time....

I keep telling myself that I will do all manner of things once I am retired, and yet in truth, I feel all I might do is lots of nothing! Currently I am busy all week with a range of obligations....hospitals and clinics and shopping and social services for Ma and Pa, going to work, looking after my adorable granddaughter (which is the joyful part of the week) and trying to keep on top of my own housework and shopping and life maintenance stuff.........I need to book lots of stuff into my calendar so that each month I have something to look forward to I think.......yes.....that sounds like a plan.....let's see how the year unfolds....a good year I hope..fingers crossed.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Red red wine.......

So you see if you allow yourself a glass then the world starts to look better and all your emotions start travelling from deep inside your belly up towards your extremities.......


Spending an hour at an allotment open day in the sunshine. A toasted croissant slathered in butter for breakfast. Drying washing on a line...