Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I ALWAYS buy a ticket when I park my car, either for work or leisure.
I bought my ticket this morning, placed the ticket the right way up on the dashboard, went in to work, then returned to a PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE on my car....and a ticket on the dashboard that was upside down....I am guessing that it flipped over when I closed the door.
I KNOW that it is my responsibility to ensure it is the right way up...but it WAS when I left it...and I still have the ticket.....GGRRRRRR.
When I tried to access the local council website re PCN challenges it couldn't find my PCN there....and it wouldn't let me proceed with the challenge...but I have the PCN and the ticket here in my hand......so I'm not ABLE  to challenge it because of their system.....GGGRRRR.
I feel so angry because I DID and always DO pay.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

So far so good!

Found my followers but the display is a bit peculiar.......will crack this!

I'm not sure where it is..............

When I tried to spruce up my blog recently I decided to try a new template and 'look'...and in doing so I deleted my 'followers' list, although I do dislike the term followers, and prefer blog friends. I can't find it to put it back and gave up on changing the blog when it seemed that you could have all sorts of bells and whistles and doodads, and I decided to leave things as they were. It has been on my mind to give it a go though, so  I really would like to have a 'side bar' (hope that's the right term) of blogs I read and will perhaps have another go at sprucing things up....if you do read my blog how would you feel about following it? and being on the side bar? I will not let the technology beat me!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happy days.....

Just like a junkie after a fix, I feel better now.
The reason?
This afternoon I held my grand daughter and she smiled at me.
It was a proper, I can see you, I know who you are, smile.
Heart - full.

The mister is smitten.

My first attempt at baby slippers.

Happy days indeed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Not a sign of madness.....just a way to be........

I  always like to get January out of the way. Makes me feel better about the coming year.
How I feel about things or how I see things is often pictorial in my mind...for instance...going to work is a little like having to repeatedly climb up and over a giant toblerone shaped object...up and down and up and down and up and down until each week is behind me......or going up a ladder that never ends.
In February I like to mentally focus on how I anticipate the rest of the year and it looks a little like  'climbing, on your hands and knees, across the high swaying rope bridge' of the year, and inching forward, with each little movement becoming easier and moving you towards standing up, being in sunshine, and feeling better about getting to the other side. If there is another side....and if I am granted another year. We are all on shifting sands aren't we?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Blogger is messing with me...........

For some time now I have been having problems with this blog, and using blogger to post comments on others. I do struggle with change in any format and like the routine of accessing things in certain ways and being a bit ocd-ish about the steps taken to achieve anything....that doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone but me I guess, perhaps it is easier to say that I am the sort of person who can't have lots of tabs open at once and closes drawers or cupboards or websites when they no longer need to be open and never leave myself 'signed in' to anything. I like routine. Even steps that I can see are not necessary, will continue to be taken by me because that is the path I am on. I know of course that this makes me sound very peculiar..so be it. So...blogger.....why do you keep telling me that I don't have a blog? ...it is here...... my little piece of the internet..my little dip into the ether.... where I read other blogs and very occasionally other blog people read and comment on mine.
Maybe the Universe is sending me a message and I need to walk away and not get irritated by such a little problem....maybe alter my routine .........perhaps it is time.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Strange forces......

The Unsinkable Molly Brown is in my top 10 when it comes to favourite films. I'm going to watch it again today while I do some ironing.
Singin' in the rain is up there too and I have always admired Debbie Reynolds.
I was sad when Carrie Fisher died and thought of Debbie Reynolds having to go through
the heartache of losing a child...and now, if your belief falls a certain way, they are going to be together again.
I said aloud to the family the other day, that I was suprised how the celebrity deaths that seem to have been daily occurences just lately, have made me a little tearful, and yet the deaths this year of children all over the world has not had me shedding any tears for some time now....why is that? am I just a horrible heartless bitch? or is it that through music and film I feel a connection to the celebs and my life, whereas the daily deaths in war torn towns feels alien to me and I am now inured to them?
Pa said the other day 'Men used to go to War..now War comes to Men'....and women and children.
Sad strange forces are at work in this world.
There has to be a change...but what is it and who will engineer that change?