Monday, October 3, 2016

How do they know it's there?...

Have you noticed that more and more people seem to be putting their unwanted stuff out on the pavement or end of the drive now and it then disappears?.  After trying to make a start on clearing the garage out and even though we had taken stuff to the tip and to the charity shop, we still had an old hoover and two old lawnmowers and some old bits of this of that and an exercise thingy we had never used. So we put it out on the grass at the end of the drive, and sure enough, a few hours later a white van pulled up and two gentlemen loaded it up and took it away. Result for us and for them I suppose. Driving to work the other day I was sitting in traffic and noticed that someone had put some pots and pans and kitchenware out for collection, and truth be told it looked pretty good! one man's trash is another man's treasure they say, and maybe somebody will use the exercise thingy that just gathered dust when we had it. Good for them.

Marching orders.....

That is what the Moaning Minnie from the previous post can have.
Up and at'it is my attitude from today.

Here is a little something ....great song - rubbish video.....enjoy.....

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Each day a new start......

I am truly truly glad that September has ended. For all manner of reasons it has been the most
horrendous month and more than once I really wanted to have the number for the Samaritans if I could have been sure it would have been John from Going Gently on the other end of the line if and when I rang. His calm and caring no nonsense 'pull yourself together, onwards and upwards' would, I'm sure, have made a lot of difference during some very difficult times. Those times are not over just yet but every day the fog lifts a little and instead of folding, I think I may be able to not go under... I cannot, and would not like, to share the misery, but I have not been blogging and am very very slowly hoping that October will alter things to a great extent and so I have started reading and commenting again and want very much to have a 'space' that I can come to in order to engage with people that, through the magic of blogging, I have come to really like. That means you by the way. x

Monday, August 15, 2016

The first holibob......

We have been away to Mallorca.
It was lovely.
Here are some things I learnt whilst I was there..........

Travelling at 'fuck its early o clock' just so that you get 'another day in' doesn't suit me...I tire easily and I'm not used to being up late any more. Back in the day it was sexndrugsnrocknroll but now it's more likely to be tea and a snack and bed by 11.
Being at an airport at midnight means there is no one in the duty free shop....which is eerie but lovely...although looking at all the lotions and potions and scents and makeup makes you feel very very old when you see yourself (your nearly 62 yrs old self) in the mirror.
Some photographers are absolutely amazing...the one who took the photos for our rented 'Mallorcan farmhouse' was able to make somewhere slightly more 'rustic' than we expected look really fabulous in the pictures.
He deserves an award. I'd like to insert one in him.
To be true the location (2 minutes outside Pollenca, yet surrounded by countryside) was really good and the garden and the pool were lovely..but the upstairs? mmmmmmm not so much. In fact as there was no air conditioning upstairs (which we had expected) we dragged our mattress downstairs and slept in the main room....on the floor.
Climbing up and down onto/off a mattress on the floor used to be sexy and fun when I was about a hundred years my knees and back just really have to be eased into the manoeuvre while I puff and sigh and struggle....
Climbing the Calvari steps used to take less time than it does now..we need to keep stopping to 'admire the view/breathe' these days.
Mosquitoes abso-bloody-love me.......when counting my bites and I reached twenty before I got to my right knee (my cankles were particularly tasty I think) I realised that all the sprays and oils and such were no barrier to the bastards.
My mister is not as fond of monasteries as I am.....and sometimes, just sometimes, his indifference is perceptible.
As there was a classical music festival on we coughed up and bought tickets for a late night concert in a convent cloister........I have discovered that I like Grieg...who knew?
When having your photo taken and you try to remember the tricks your sister told you about lifting your chin and dropping your shoulder and looking sideways at the camera, so that you might end up with a fairly ok shot of yourself, in the sun,  at the restaurant or port or marina, it is just wise to ignore your mister when he wonders if you 'are having a turn? are you ok?' because whatever happens, you will end up with the photo he has taken of you, where you see your knees in shorts (never again...dear Lord never again) and you weren't ready and you just look like the lumpy, bitten, red and white skinned, overweight mama that you really are....not the svelte and sexy mature lady you want to look like.
With a sky as clear as the one we had the stars were amazing...we even saw shooting stars!
I am very at home in Lidl these days.
The garden of our rented place had all kinds of gorgeousness growing in it....and the tomatoes there were far and away tastier than anything I buy here.
There was sunshine aplenty and we had a great time....and in two weeks we will do it again but this time in Puglia....any tips for the mozzie bites?
A small village church.

The concert........there were four of us there as we took our son and daughter in law.

The view from our farmhouse.

The almond tree ladder in the garden was really sweet...but wobbly....or that could have been me.........

Friday, July 29, 2016


I have two days off a week, Monday and Friday. I really do know that this work pattern is fabulous, giving me long weekends, but, as I remind my colleagues, I am part time and I don't get paid for the Friday and Monday and I have been doing this job for 37 years so this fairly new and  rather lovely work pattern is, in my opinion, hard earned and much appreciated.
My parents live an hours drive from me, so I visit them on my day off and do this journey every week, and of late twice a week. By the time I have driven there, listened to them share whatever is on their minds that day, taken Pa shopping, had a cup of tea with Ma, and driven back, the day is effectively done. Last Friday I went over, last Monday I went over, and today I was planning to stay home and get a few things done on the home front........Pa rang me last night to ask if I 'was going to come over today?'. I steeled myself and said no, and immediately felt churned up.....about so many things. About how reliant they have become on me being there, and how Pa's voice is when he rings (Ma sits in the background directing him with what to say), his voice being a sort of cheerful and casual but not really casual enquiring voice.....and how he says 'oh ok..don't worry...we'll problem' when I say I won't be over. Guilty is the mood for today. Just lately, I find that being with Pa is very emotional.....he is disappearing before my eyes and I don't like it. He was always a tall well built man...always cracking jokes and being full of life. Now, he is still tall, but he is thin, and wobbly and slow and frequently has bruises (a side effect of the warfarin he is on) and his confidence is gone and he reminds me of an anxious child now....something about the look on his face when he asks a question. I am his child. He is my Pa. This reversing of roles is a journey I am not enjoying...and I suspect neither is he.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


On the edge of posting pictures of the cats and the garden...which would be rubbish and boring.
Nothing wrong with cats and gardens, as I read lots of lovely blogs which do just that, and do it brilliantly, but I am beyonnnnnnnnnnd bored of what I have to say here at the moment.
Truth be told I feel very restricted here.......following a self imposed way of posting that is never too honest or open and is private and ... and ... restricted.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Not too bad a start........

Today has been full of good stuff......
a) not being at work -good
b) holding my neighbours 6week old grandson - good
c) eating fresh raspberries for breakfast - good
d) having a brisk walk around the block - good
So far, not too shabby a day......