Tuesday, November 24, 2015

No....I wasn't drunk...and no-body hit me......

Last week I fell over on my way into the  supermarket.
In the middle of the day.
I am not sure how it happened but one minute I was walking towards the zebra crossing and the
next I was bouncing my head on the black and white stripes.
I am the luckiest person though because the kind lady who stepped out of the crowd that gathered was a GP. She was very kind and stopped the bleeding from a tiny cut on my forehead. I was most upset though because I had broken my specs....what I think of as my 'good glasses'.
So since then, and for the first time in my life I have been sporting  a black eye. It would be wrong to call it a black eye though...it has been purple, red, blue green and is now yellow.
It has been interesting seeing peoples reactions as they spot it....some ask 'ooh what happened?' and others ignore it or say 'did you burn his dinner again haha?'  Ha bloody Ha.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


The world is a strange and frightening place. Poor Paris..poor people. What to do? WTF happens now? Increase the peace people.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I don't have a title......

Yesterday my Ma wanted me to drive her up to the local cemetery so that she could place some flowers on her brothers grave..it was his birthday, and she had asked me to buy some nice bright flowers for him.  It was a beautiful day yesterday in our neck of the woods, crisp, sunny, bright blue sky. On the way, and because it is very nearly my birthday, she was telling me about events she remembered from her pregnancy with me and the delivery itself and how when I was in the pram she remembered pushing me along for a walk one day when the weather had been almost the same. As we drove past a small pub she said ' I remember pushing you along on this side of the road and a lot of your fathers mates were sitting outside the pub over there drinking'. Dad at that time was in Lourdes with my big sister.  Then she said  'and they shouted over asking how he was getting on........I said all good.....he sent me a french letter ..........and they all laughed and made remarks and I was so embarrassed'. She shook her head and said 'terrible thing to be ignorant'.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hot milk and honey? good cold remedy?

My chest is tight, my throat is sore and I have that 'head under water' feeling. This is obviously my souvenir of Iceland. These are a few pictures..not terribly good but all I can find that are suitable for blog posting.
The cod was the best I have ever tasted.
I was never cold there and didn't need the thermals.
The Blue Lagoon was very touristy, and the naked showering bothered my friends but not me, and being in the milky turquoise warm water with a glass of wine was good fun, although the feeling of being in a Welsh quarry on a Doctor Who set never left me.
We didn't have the right weather to see the Northern Lights so next year we might have to try again..somewhere else.
It is very expensive there...maybe I just haven't lived but I'm not used to paying £40 for a bottle of wine.
We had a marvelous visit though even if at a funny time I suppose..no snow and ice and lights and no summer sun....but crisp and bright and just like Wales.
I like Wales though so that was OK. Although I've never seen a geyser in Wales...and the only cod I've ever had there was battered.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digging out my thermals.......

Tomorrow we will be flying to Rekyavik for 4 days.
I've never been before and the weather looks very wet and cold.
I've got a thermal vest and leggings (oh yes I am sex on a stick at times) and I spotted some 'brand new with tags never been around some other arse before' waterproof trousers in the local charidee shop, so I bought those....throw in the thermal hat and gloves, and I will be ready to face nature in all her glory.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thanks to blogging.......

My friend Auntiegwen from http://auntiegwensdiary.blogspot.co.uk/ has just driven away from my home after a very sweet but fleeting visit. It was so lovely to see her. We both work and we both have misters and family and lives, but as today she had a work meeting in my neck of the woods she was able to pop in (with cake... what a woman!) for a quick catch up visit.
The fact that we know each other at all is thanks to blogging....how lovely is that?
Twas lovely to see you Auntie.....until next time when we can all get together x

Monday, August 24, 2015

Too good to be true.......

Y'see I was beguiled by tales of how quick and easy it was....how any old piece could be made to look wonderful...and all done so quickly too! with no preparation !.........yes I'm talking painting old wax furniture with chalk paint. When I mentioned it to the plumber who did the bathroom recently he pulled one of those faces and said 'oh yes ..chalk painted furniture....get an old table or chair..buy the paint and the wax....do the job...look at it................then put it on the bonfire'.
So I should have listened, but no I was determined to give it a go. There are 4 pine wardrobes in my spare room...all sorts of sizes and all in use but all that horrible piney colour. So as the spare room is more or less our dressing/ironing room now I thought I would make it look great (well better than it is now) by painting all the wardrobes. I imagined a peaceful light room with ordered wardrobes and a calm feel.
So far so ok.
 I had an idea of  what colour I wanted but when I looked at the paint choices I was flummoxed by 'cream/antique white/off white/chalk white/dying breath of poor little frozen baby seal...' and after that I then saw the price of the brushes etc., and almost had the vapours.....so I visited the cheap shop around the corner for a version of the paint and wax and brushes and therein maybe lies the problem.
I started on the smallest wardrobe and as I hate painting I made a deal with the mister.....I would iron all his shirts if he painted for me..deal done.
Two coats of paint and much muttering from the mister later we both agreed that 'maybe it will look better when it's dry/waxed?'
Well I've waxed it this morning and unless tinkerbell waves a magic wand full of fairy dust over it while I'm not looking it ain't great...
What I wanted was a pale painted wardobe with a decent finish......what I didn't want was a wardrobe so distressed it's almost suicidal.
Lesson learned.....decide what finish you want...use the proper tools.........or wait for bonfire night.