This is causing me concern.
Tell me what you think.
In January, someone drove into the back of me as I sat in my car in stationary traffic.
It was hardly an accident, in fact it was a gentle nudge.
The guy that had gone into me had been pushed into my car by the guy behind him.
We all exchanged numbers, agreed that there was no damage, and went on our way.
A week or so later I had a call from an insurance company asking if I wanted to pursue a claim and I said that as there was no damage to me or my car I would decline.
Now, I have had a summons from a local court to appear as a witness for 'middle' guy, and a letter from his solicitor asking me to be a witness for him, as I assume he is making a claim against 'last' guy.
My worry is this .... can they make me go?
I have photos of the incident and really do suspect this might be a bogus claim, and I have completed the witness statement form from his solicitor saying just that....surely they won't want me as a witness now?
Put your Perry Mason caps on and advise me please folks.....


Tom Stephenson said…
My completely non-professional opinion is that you really do not need to attend any hearing in court about this. If you live in the UK, then all you need to do is write a simple report about your experience, and submit it to the court only. Do NOT send it to any solicitor or lawyer. Only send you report to a county court if asked to do so by the court alone - not any other person, office or organisation. Above all, do not be bullied into making a statement. You only have to make a statement if demanded by a court.
Tom Stephenson said…
P.S. You can safely make a witness statement to the police, but you should only do so if asked directly by them to do so. Ignore any other requests, particularly from lawyers and third parties.
Cro Magnon said…
It sounds to me as if someone is trying to claim damages for 'whiplash' or some other invisible non-existent malaise. I would have thought your letter was enough.
libby said…
Thank you both, I appreciate the responses.
Oh dear, I wouldn't want to go either. Hope it all turns out okay for you.
libby said…
Thank you Briony...and welcome.
It's a pity you can't rise up like Godzilla and threaten to crush them both for not looking where they were going .
Still , a simple no should suffice .
libby said…
S..mmmmm...Godzilla eh? no just little me....thanks.