Sunday, April 17, 2016


We were out last night.
We were out the Saturday night before that.
What giddy gadabouts we have become.
At my age being in bed at 9.30 is a good thing....not so when you are young, as twenty somethings we used to drink while we were getting ready to go out at about 10 and never came home till the early hours...couldn't do it now...those days are long gone.
Last night was fun though, we took big sis to an ELO concert as a birthday treat.....a good time was had by all.

At the moment we are trying to find a builder to start our extension.
I wish I had started to try and find a builder some months ago.....none of them can start for quite a few months, which makes the impatient side of me go grrrr. Although if one of them was free now I'd be worried as it means they have no work...maybe not a good sign.

Today is the wedding anniversary of my son and daughter in law. The memory of that time
at Portmeirion,  and the whole wedding week, is something that makes the whole family happy and always makes me was such a wonderful time when the sun shone and family and friends got together to spend time with each other....a truly fabulous get together.

My brother and sister in law are coming here from America for a 2 week visit will be lovely to see them.....and truth be told I will be interested to see what they think of how ma and pa are....I am with them every week and he hasn't seen them for 2 years.....what differences will he notice?

Today the sun is shining. What are you going to do with your Sunday?


Cro Magnon said...

We despair with our builders etc; sometimes they don't turn-up for years. I'm beginning to understand the meaning of patience.

auntiegwen said...

Sending buildery vibes your way x

Trish Burgess said...

Lovely that memories of the wedding make you smile. What a fabulous place for a celebration.
Enjoy the visit from your brother and sis-in-law.

It's ages since I've been to a gig so I must be old!

About Last Weekend said...

You're funny,
"We were out last night.
We were out the Saturday night before that.
What giddy gadabouts we have become"

make good words of a song...

I long for my bed if I'm out after 10pm I'm afraid, and have starting being the first one to order the mint melange tea

how lovely about your bro's visit, yes will be a good guage

sensibilia said...

Ah, a wedding is a blessing. I had a nightmare this week, that older daughter and partner got married without telling anyone or inviting anyone. Where did that come from, I wonder?

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news.......... I have decided to retire at Christmas. This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better qua...