Sunday, January 3, 2016

End of 2015...start of 2016.

Random thoughts and witterings.
Bear with me...or not.
Having pleurisy just before Christmas does sort of take the shine off things and
make you a little ... ggrrr.
Being better is fabulous.
Thanks mister for the drugs and care.
I will finish my 'figs' painting.
Need to buy some more figs.
Ben Stokes. Well done that man.
Am looking forward to going to Edgbaston this year.
Ma. Please stop ringing me and trying to involve me in something that doesn't concern me.
Birthday wishes to the young man from Oop north who shall remain nameless.
Tomorrow the Christmas decorations and tree etc., must come down...enough is enough. lovely a little glass of this is now and again.
Sis....thanks for such a lovely new year visit.
That pub where we had lunch? very 'Magwitch' if you know what I mean.
Are we mad to have an extension? all that money and brick dust and decisions, waiting times and builders and disruption? mmmmmmmmm......probably will though.
The actor in the Autotrader ad on the tele has a look of John Gray from Trelawnyd about him.
Blogging in general - readers here and comments made, or blogs I read and comments I've made, followers leaving/joining, lots of comments/no comments...........s'all good....the whole thing undulates and informs and makes me glad/sad/interested/bored/boring/'s all food for thought and by and large the pool of people I read seem to be the sort you would want in your life boat if push came to shove.
Have never watched a Poirot programme before but the laugh of the night was watching the marvelous 'no words necessary' acting of Hugh Fraser.
The garden is very green and overgrown at the moment as due to being at work and being unwell I wasn't able to get out there and cut anything back...should I leave it now or get out there in the rain and try to do some tidying?
Why would anyone want (and receive) a drone for a xmas present?
Must book parking for airport and possibly get two new tyres for car.
Need to go and get dressed now.......... anyone reading this I wish you health, happiness and whatever you would really like for yourselves in 2016......x


Joanne Noragon said...

We all seem to be philosophical this morning. How much tending does your garden need in winter time?

libby said...

Hello Joanne.....yes we do, maybe it's the time of year...and as for the garden, I tend to look over the fence at my neighbour for guidance.....he recently cut everything back and so did the neighbour on the other I sort of felt maybe I should too? but as it is I probably won't....thanks for dropping by.

Nana Go-Go said...

Hope I'm not too boring for you, Libs!lol Re your extension, sounds lovely but more to clean, remember! All my decs are down and the paintbrushes are out now but the industrial kind, not your gentle little artwork kind. I went to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art yesterday, where they had an exhibition of Modern Scottish Women painters on. Maybe that's where I got my inspiration to get out the Dulux this morning!! It was a great exhibition though. My Mother does the same to me but I now cut the conversations short, otherwise I start suffering from Motherlode Overload. Just before Christmas, it all got a bit too much so I've learned what my limits are. Hope you get tomorrow off too. I'm loving all these holidays! Have a great week, Libs. You'd be in my lifeboat too!

Nana Go-Go said...

ps leave the garden 'til the weather gets better. All that damp will do nothing for your post-pleurisy time.

Cro Magnon said...

When I look at my garden I think 'thank goodness I won't have to touch it again until March, at the earliest'.

libby said...

Nana.....thanks for calling by, sorry to hear that pre christmas was bumpy for you, and I'm very impressed that you are being so industrious! x
Cro..yes I think you're right..I'll just let things be until better weather.

auntiegwen said...

Happy new year to you and the mister xxxx

libby said...


Yorkshire Pudding said...

A queen bee might want a drone for Christmas even though drones don't have stingers. Ah well, she could just roll over and read her latest Jodi Picoult instead.

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