Monday, December 28, 2015

This much I know......

I am glad that I booked time off work for this is so good to be able to sit about in my jamas with no time agenda.
I put very few decorations up this year  - still had a real tree and  decorated both mantels but other than that just a bit of this and that here and there and I liked my home all the better for it....not that the place is usually festooned with lights and doodads ......
My Pa is finding it difficult to get up and down from an armchair, and when some months ago, I saw one of those rising/recling motorised chairs in very good condition in a local charity furniture shop and told him about it, he was adamant that he didn't need one. Then on Christmas day he asked me to get him one 'if you come across one at all'.
My son and daughter in law invited us to their house for Christmas lunch, so in all there were 11 of us and they did a marvelous was really enjoyable to spend the day with loved ones and we were able to skype the 'American family' later in the day .. isn't technology wonderful.
A solid week of Christmas food and drink that includes all the treaty stuff you wouldn't normally eat and drink is enjoyable and I know how lucky I am to be able to have it, but I will be glad to get back to normality...and let's face it nobody is forcing me to eat box after box of baklava.
We have booked a weekend in Gothenburg in doesn't matter what the city is like we will just do our touristy wandering about and thank sweet baby cheesus that we are able to step off the hamster wheel once a month.
This post is more 'listy' than I intended it to be .... but so what...'tis my post.
I have learnt a lot from blogging and virtually 'meeting' live you learn.
The world keeps turning.
My Ma is a very different lady at the she is sometimes not the angry bitter person that she usually is ... she seems less ggrrr and more sanguine....which is great and we are all happy about it ... but sometimes it does feel a little odd....sort of like waiting for the other shoe to drop.
This year we are hoping to build an extension and a new kitchen..this is very exciting for me and very boring for you to know but then I acknowledge that I am a middle aged suburban lady with an ordinary life ... and that is ok by me.
Both of my children are working and happy and have partners in their lives.
Fargo was brilliant. The Bridge was brilliant.
I would like to read more this year.
The new year is approaching and this time I will not be afeared of it.....although it does make me feel a little scared to write that down.
I didn't go to Church this Christmas...but I say my prayers each night.
This much I yourself, try to be all works out in the end.


sensibilia said...

Great advice, libby. Glad your Christmas went well, and hope your plans for 2016 are all realised. Happy New Year!

Cro Magnon said...

Are you going on a 'weekend break' to Gothenburg? I used to go on them a lot when I lived back in the UK. One of my favourites was to Marrakesh; I went back often.

libby said...

S..thank you.....the same is wished for you too.
Cro...yes a weekend mister fancies Marrakesh too but it's not on my list ..maybe some time though.

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

You might be a middle aged suburban lady with an ordinary life, but you tell it well. Good to hear about your mother's temperament. Happy New Year from Jeneane x

libby said... kind you are......all the best to you in 2016 x

K Ville said...

I'm so pleased it all works out in the end...that one had been bothering me :)

Happy New Year to you


libby said...

K....its what I tell myself to keep myself going! Happy New Year xxxx

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