Friday, August 15, 2014

A rock and a hard place?

So, I just need to get this straight in my head........and bear in mind I am so very challenged in the technology in .....can't even tune in a radio or work out which remote control to use for what.......anyhoo...
My sony zperia phone battery keeps running down really quickly and it is acknowledged online that this is because of some update Sony have done.
I then have to keep charging my phone.
Then I realise that the charger isn't charging my phone. At all.
I have 10% battery left.
I take my phone to the virgin store (who I have my phone contract with) and they try
to charge it there with a charger of theirs but agree that there is a problem
and the phone will not charge....they call their service dept and tell them to
send me out a 'return this phone for repair' envelope.
I ask for a replacement phone or a phone to use in the interim and they say no they don't do that....
The phone needs to be sent away for repair.
I am told then to remove anything I have on the phone before it is sent away as the repair people will 'flatten it'. This sounds very frightening but I have to go with it. I desperately try to download all my pictures and email addresses etc., as I watch the battery almost tick down from 10 - 9 -8-7 etc.,
I am surprised at how awful I feel without a phone.
A bag arrives and I send off the phone.......the letter inside tells me to include the charger but the people at virgin tell me not I don't send the charger.
I find an old phone (genuinely retro vintage old) in a draw and buy a sim card adapter and put my virgin contract sim in the old phone so that I am not having to hyperventilate about being I understand it the sim is the bit I am paying monthly for and is the bit that holds all my info etc? the bit that means I can make calls and send texts...although this old phone won't accommodate internet or anything fancy like that..........but never mind.....breathe.....I have a phone......
time passes
my daughter calls me to wonder why I haven't watsapp'ed her....she misses her mom wittering...ah sweet
time passes
I miss my phone....I keep seeing things that make me want to take a picture....I can't...I am sad.....
time .......yes.....passes........imagine tumbleweed here.......
Eventually Virgin tell us that they are returning the phone as is it unrepairable ....they say that the usb and the mother board have disconnected........I don't understand this and explain that we have insurance with them...he tells us that the insurance will not cover this............I don't understand ...... but I do understand that we are halfway through a 24month contract and so the phone is under warranty? surely this covers me?apparently not in this circumstance..... so if we want to buy out of this contract it will cost us hundreds of pounds....or they will send us a new phone for £100....we ask again about the insurance....they put us on to the insurance company - they put us back to virgin - we get passed from pillar to post .....Virgin say they  will send the old broken phone out to us.....and all the while I am thinking 'I didn't break this phone and yet I have to pay for a new one or pay a £70 excess to get it repaired (which apparently the insurers say they can do)'......I am confused ....again.
So am I right in thinking that if I buy a phone (without a contract...just the bit of kit that is the phone) in a shop somewhere tomorrow I can put my virgin sim in it and bobs your uncle etc.,
please tell me yes and tell me where
I am not a smiley face at the moment.......sigh


Nana Go-Go said...

Honestly, I couldn't advise you one way or the other. My phone has a green-for-go button and a red-for-stop one. It takes pics and sends people funny animated birthday greetings when I remember it's their birthday but other than that, it's no great shakes but it's all I need. It sounds like the insurance thingy is a real con - my son had the same problem with his I-phone when his screen smashed and it wasn't covered with the insurance!I hope somebody comes along who can advise you and you have no further technological problems! Good weekend to you, Libs. x

About Last Weekend said...

There is such a thing as a motherboard??/ - is that similar to the motherlode. I-Phone are realatively inexpensive here and Bay Area is tech mecca of the world but they are without a doubt built to fail in under two years. I notice none of my chargers fit my new phone, their accessories just change all the time. Landill

Cro Magnon said...

I don't have a mobile phone. Well, I do actually own an old one, but never use it. I feel blessed.

Anonymous said...

… And I believe this is all called 'progress' !!!
Emma :-)

Steve said...

This is appalling customer service. I don't know if you can get out of your contract but it would certainly make me wary of agreeing to another one. What's the point of paying for a contract if they wriggle out of fixing or replacing the phone?! Outrageous. If you buy a new phone outright it is more expensive initially but if you use pay-as-you-go you only pay for the times you use it. Though be warned if you make no calls or texts for a couple of months they can disconnect you (happened to me).

Nota Bene said...

Bastards. Make them show you where it is excluded in the insurance policy. Make them put in writing why they won't repair it under warranty (have you been throwing it at someone?). Ring trading standards and seek their advice. And yes, your sim card should work in another phone...but check the size (there are different sizes now, of course...


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