Monday, December 23, 2013

The slacker speaks......

I have not been blogging very well of late......although defining 'well' would be a difficult task.
I read blogs and don't comment on them.
I post only now and again.
It is the way of things just now with me regretably. does not mean that each and every day I don't happen
upon something, a situation or a notion or a comment or somesuch, that will
put me in mind of one of you.
Make me smile.
It is very easy to be really fond of blog friends (especially ones that I have
met in the real world now) as in most ways there is a shared 'suits both sides' relationship.
I present myself with care and judgement.... a blog buddy will only have access
to some of the real me ..... although I suspect we all read between the lines with
blogs and make up our own minds about the blogger...what we think they are like
in real life and how we think we would interact with them.
I like all my readers.
You are all good people.
I would like to blog at least until next Autumn when I will hit the 5yr mark.
Not a very ambitious goal in life but one that I have set myself never the less.

Away from the ether and in real life I am not always the nicest person in the world to my family, and the older I get I find that I am becoming a little more blunt about what I say.
This is unplanned and has surprised me although I do not regret what is happening,
as I feel that I have been holding my tongue for a long as not to rock any boats or
cause unhappiness.
It seems that I am giving myself licence to be me.
Scary times.
Yet this releasing of my inner thoughts and feelings is uncomfortably akin to being on a
fairground ride I have no control over....not knowing the twists and turns and speed and
how I will feel once it stops.....unsettling.
Also surprising for those around me...those I love......Mea Culpa.
I will harness all my thoughts and feelings and dare I say powers
and arrange them into an order that will enable me to function without setting me
adrift from those I love.

It is the day before Christmas Eve.
It is not yet 9am and I feel hugely emotional.
There is much to be done.
None of you need to be reading about the state of my mental health at the moment.....

So if you are then you must know I truly wish you a very Happy Christmas x


Cro Magnon said...

Just back from my final shopping trip before Turkey Day. All is done, the fridge is stuffed, and I am ready to face the world.

I think we all need to hold our tongues at times, whether we want to or not. Have a good Christmas, Cro x

Marcheline said...

Wishing you a Happy Christmas too! I am, at the moment, experiencing the joys and "interesting moments" of having my mother up at my house for the holidays. Mostly joys, but oh, those interesting moments... I suppose it's inevitable when you get family together with all the emotional surging that takes place around the holidays...

K Ville said...

It is a hugely emotional time of the year. Hang onto your marbles across the period where we would all like to kill a large proportion of our family if we weren't so horridly aware it's the season of peace and good-bloody-will to all men, yes even Uncle-bloody-Bob!

Good luck and I hope you find some rest and merriment in it all somewhere.


Steve said...

As K Ville said above; this is a hugely emotional time of year... so much resonance and so many expectations. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thanks for warning your readers about this rising and previously uncharacteristic bluntness. I shall watch what I say to you in future Libby as I wouldn't want a blog lashing from you! By the way, are you ever going to tell us about your trip to Gdansk?

Trish Burgess said...

Popping in after the Big Day to say I hope it all went well. Love to you and looking forward to your continued blogging xx

auntiegwen said...

Will we run away Libs? feeling quite the same xxx

Jay said...

I hope you had a happy and peaceful Christmas, sending you the best of wishes for 2014 too

Blowing the dust off the blog......

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