That list in my head.......

Buy presents.
Make presents.
Plan comings and goings.
Organise travel.
Pick up specs from opticians.
Write cards.
Clean house.
Look for quilt that Ma wants (she swears I have it and I KNOW I don't..)
Iron stuff that is sitting on the chair....that pile that is getting bigger and bigger........
Think about food shopping.
Go to work - eeeughhhh hate this one.
Sweep leaves from the drive....have to wade through them to get to the porch door.
Book dental appointment.

Continue to sit here for another ten minutes before I get ready for work as the cat has nudged the laptop slightly and had positioned himself  between me and it and as I stroke his chin he is obviously a very happy chap...purring away with his eyes closed and making me feel calm and relaxed.
Thank you sweet baby Cheesus.....all will be well.


auntiegwen said…
Aawh bless you, I will have a very large glass of wine ready for you tomorrow xxx
Loving your sweet baby Cheesus, you will need him with that mountain of ironing. I really don't know how women who have to go to an office do it all, even though Im back working Im at home and just do all that stuff as I go along, much easier in many ways....We're doing secret santa at Ohope Beach this year, just one gift to buy!
Cro Magnon said…
Make two separate lists. One of pleasant things to do; the other of unpleasant things. Now throw the second one away!!!
Steve said…
Cats have got the right idea...
Marcheline said…
My list - not the one in my head, but the one that actually gets done:

1. Randomly do holiday preparations with no plan and hope it all gets done in time for Mom's visit.
Curry Queen said…
Your list is very much like my list - complete with purring cat but minus the quilt!
You're listing to starboard Cap'n Libby! To correct the list you must turn the wheel towards the wind! Perhaps you shouldn't have enlisted!
Trish Burgess said…
What lovely advice from your friends - am going to follow the one from Cro Magnon.
Jay said…
I've just made a to do list but have found myself commenting on far more blogs than usual just to avoid actually starting on it!
Isabelle said…
How nice to be a happy chappy cat. Hope the list is diminishing.