What are the chances?

We are officially empty nesters now.
Remember the tale of my daughter looking for somewhere to live in London?
As tremendous luck would have it a room became available that was perfect for my daughter to rent.....perfect because it was in the same house as her cousin! How fortuitous was that??
One tenant was moving out and the room became available.......so she was asked to move in and was very very glad to do so.
As she had been home for a flying weekend visit, yesterday we took her back to London, with the car laden with all her stuff....it felt like we were taking her to University again.....only this time, I somehow don't think there will be any coming back....apart from Christmas (I hope) and the odd weekend visit.
Both of my children are now out in the working world leading their lives.
Which is as it should be.
They are both lovely, polite, kind, hardworking individuals who make my (and the misters) heart swell with pride. There, I have said it and I feel I am allowed to say it...I don't mean to brag but they are good kids and sometimes being decent and hardworking and kind and considerate is never acknowledged...it can somehow seem to clothe you in a cloak of invisibility......and sadly a squeaking gate will always get the oil. So this time I am giving a Well Done to all the good kids in the land.......my two among them.
We, meanwhile, are here in a house that is a bit big for just the two of us.
We are lighting and  heating 4 bedrooms and two sitting rooms that a family really could use..........which seems a bit silly really.
We did briefly think about moving out ourselves into a small flat and renting out this house.....but actually, this is home and I don't think we could really do that.
This is a new chapter.
Watch this space.


Time to get some asylum seekers in methinks - or maybe a family that have been evicted from their council property for undue noisiness.

Sometimes I find it hard to remember how it was before our kids flew. Like an episode in somebody else's life.
Andy said…
How exciting! I'm glad they're sorted and on their way - you and The Mister should be proud of yourselves too....
Nana Go-Go said…
Don't worry, Libs. They always come back and when they do, there's more of them!!After the initial shock of an 'empty nest', you and The Hubble will enjoy the bliss of the peace and quiet, I'm sure...and there's always Christmas to look forward to.xxx
Cro Magnon said…
My three are long gone, but the huge drain on our finances continues. I really don't know how we manage to stay solvent. Even so, I don't mind; ours are a lovely lot too!
Nota Bene said…
We're nearly there...but not quite as empty as you! Good luck to her, and the rest of the good kids...there are plenty around, which is a surprise given the state of the world!
Curry Queen said…
We will be in the same boat in not too many years' time. Not looking forward to it. Currently we have Boomerang Boy home having graduated and daughter just starting at Uni....feels weird!
Steve said…
Your kids will always want to come back... and it's always nice knowing that home is always there and not going anywhere.
Trish Burgess said…
How brilliant that a room became available in the same house as her cousin. What a relief for you!
I have found these years at secondary school have whizzed by. Currently helping my son with Uni applications and trying to imagine what it will be like when he is away.in fact, I just don't want to think about it at all but I do want to be able to say I am proud of him when he does eventually leave. You speak very wisely xx
auntiegwen said…
So pleased all worked out for your beautiful girl. The reason she is the beautiful, clever, funny and adorable girl she is, my dear, is you and the mister, I love your family and I am so lucky to be your friend xxxx
BadPenny said…
Hello, I've popped over from John Grey's.
I'm having a lovely time clicking on some of his " followers " Blogs.

You are so right to be proud of and congradulate your children for these qualities. I like your reference to a squeaking gate getting the oil... so true !

I'm not an empty nester yet and I too am incredibly proud of my children.
libby said…
You are all so kind to take time to comment...thank you.
Jay said…
I read this post originally on my phone & couldn't work out how to comment, so I'm just popping back! It's an exciting time for you all, I can't imagine what it will be like when they all fly the nest - good luck to your daughter (and to you!)
Isabelle said…
Well, I too have a daughter in London and my big girl pants aren't working at all. I miss her so much - and she's only just been home for the weekend. Sigh.

Glad your girl has got a flat, though. And a job. And at least she's not married to a mainly unemployed actor, like mine (double sigh).
Helsie said…
I guess it's the same no matter where you live in the world. ids grow up and leave home and it's a bit quiet at first but it is amazing how quickly you get used to making meals for two instead of four.
Mine have gone... and returned... and gone again as fate has decreed. It will always be home to them and soon they'll be adding to the numbers so close up those extra bedrooms and turn off the heating in them... for now anyway!
sensibilia said…
Many congratulations on your lovely daughter's success - in finding an internship and converting it into a job. It's not easy doing either in this climate. So pleased she has also found a good place to live with her cousin! That too is a major hurdle. As for empty nesters - no way! She will still come home for comfort and support, often, if my two are anything to go by!
libby said…
Thank you so much for posting - it never fails to surprise and please me that people read my ramblings and then comment..and usually with wise words too...thanks.
hausfrau said…
Well done on getting them out into the world - as somebody else commented, that is as much your success as theirs!
I agree that decent and kind - esp kind - and hardworking are so under-rated and are not as lauded as they should be. It's hard to teach kids those qualities when academic and sports are so much more valued and I love the boys' high School for valuing those things. Think with books like Pride of Privilege etc. that parents are coming around to treasuring those qualities.