Powerless to hold back the tide.

The cirle of life is wonderful...of that there is no doubt.
Yet time just goes by - stealthily...silently.
Time is just ... here....and then gone.

Hospital with Pa for cataract operations.
Clinics with Ma for this and that.
GP yesterday and tomorrow with my big Sis.
Funeral of an Aunt today with Pa.

I feel old.
I want this merry-go-round to slow down.......and to have some merry to it.


Nota Bene said…
Rough wishes to all...these things go in phases, the sun will shine again I'm sure
Nana Go-Go said…
Come to Scotland! It's plenty quiet here if you want it (well, at least on Mondays and Tuesdays!)and you can be as merry as you like! Keep up the good work, Libs. You're doing a grand job and I'm sure it's much appreciated.
Cro Magnon said…
Doesn't sound like too much fun. May I suggest you sit in a comfy chair, pour yourself a glass of wine, and watch the film 'Mama Mia', that's always a good pick-me-up.
I am not sure if you meant this post to be a poem Libby, but it sounds like one and the last line is at once humorous, desperate and wise.
Trish Burgess said…
These things often come together which makes it all so much harder.
We are here to read and share and empathise xx
BadPenny said…
Oh this is happening all around me with friends' parents. Luckily my mother is in good health ( it's my daughter's health which gives me the worry )
Wishing you a calmer time & loving the new creamy hot chocolatey background !
libby said…
What good kind folk you all are...thank you x
Marcheline said…
It is absolutely happening all over the place... my poor mom is having to go through a divorce at 72... and take care of 43 acres, plus seven bee hives, all on her own. And I'm living several states away, agonizing and wishing that there was something I could do to make it easier for her.

Do try to do small things that bring you joy. The glass of wine and a good movie is a great start. Just take little snatches of time when you're able, to be at peace or enjoy something that's just for you. No, it won't keep all the other stuff from happening, but it will recharge your batteries a bit and clear a space for your heart to breathe.

Hugs to you!
Steve said…
I agree; the world needs more merry. There's not enough merry to go around.
You always make me merry. That is awfully hard coping with all that sadness and illness. Could a trip to Londinium be planned? - you really deserve a break, girl.
Jay said…
We all need a bit more merry in our lives! I hope you manage a little 'you time' maybe at the weekend? Sending good wishes from me to you.
Curry Queen said…
These things are like buses, they always come along in company, or seem to. Here's hoping there are happier times ahead.
K Ville said…
I wonder if that's why some of the older members of my family seem to more and more treat funerals as parties, just making the most of these regular outings?!

Remember to take care of you too xxx