Sunday, August 11, 2013

Which is better........

I recently watched a documentary on TV about the Californian band The Eagles...all 3hrs of it.
I wallowed in a sort of 'ah those were the days' stupor while remembering how much I had played their music over my younger years...being with one particular boyfriend one summer and having the eight track on repeat in the car.......'peaceful easy feeling' indeed.
What really struck me though was a very grown up thought.
When you are young and you really fancy the band you daydream about them picking you up out of the crowd and singing only for you before taking you across the invisible dividing line between 'star' and punter...and ultimately marrying you and writing songs only for you from ever onwards.
Which of course for most of us potato-faced people ain't never gonna happen.
I have never hung around a stage door, never asked for an autograph, I have always known that
the lead singer (or the drummer in my case) was only interested in that peculiarly confident optimistic girl...the groupie. 
So watching a scene in the documentary where the band have a gaggle of girls back at the hotel and they are asking their names and joking around with them, I was conflicted..........and my two thoughts came from my two minds, the 'young yearning' me and the 'older wiser woman' me. On the one hand I was jealous and thought 'oh those lucky girls! got to go back stage and snog the boy who is the cutest thing on the planet' and 'oh my embarrassing for those women...there they are for the world to now see as stupid shag anyone girls'.
Luckily, way back in my youth, my younger self knew I was with the potato-faced and knew that stars may have shagged anything with a pulse but in the end would only ever marry the pretty...or the connected to the industry/photographer/model/rich girl with good job.....I  knew that the good looking marry the good looking and so I was sensible enough to just leave the concert and yearn.......
but I don't imagine that too many groupies got to marry their idol, so those girls are now middle aged woman looking at their younger selves on screen  giving themselves away to guys who cared not a jot for them in any way whatsoever........and it got me wondering.
Would a fast fuck with a famous guy have been worth it? Maybe some of those girls would say yes...they have the memories after all........but if it wasn't............. then how sad to see yourself on screen in a documentary as a young hopeful whose life didn't work out how you wanted it to.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

This post was rather rude and has made me blush like a beetroot. As I am a heterosexual male, I never entertained the kind of fantasies you referred to about my favourite bands and artistes - Free, Jethro Tull, The Nice, The Incredible String Band, Jackson Browne and of course Bob Dylan. I was just digging the music.

Nana Go-Go said...

I watched that too - weren't they an outfit?!!I never knew all that bad blood existed between them all but I suppose that's what you get when you put a bunch of super-egos together.As for the groupie thing,it really was all about the sex,drugs and rock n'roll and those girls who were used as sex objects are more to be pitied for being discarded once their job was done. More fool them for thinking it would lead to anything more. That's the difference between them and us, Libs, we had brains and although at times, I didn't always use mine wisely, I never ever sold myself to the devil. Anyway, I had more than enough good-looking suitors to be getting on with so had very little time for chasing a fantasy.Also, not all rock gods were good-looking e.g. Mick Jagger,Keith Richards,Ronnie Wood, to name but a few.
footnote - had Robert Plant offered me a million quid to spend the night with him, I may or may not have said YES!

Cro Magnon said...

As you well know, those post-gig 'clinches' are now returning to bite the perpetrators on the backside.

Little Miss Tracy is now saying "I was only 15, and he took advantage of me". She can see pound notes by the truck load.... and intends to have her share!

I only had one Eagles album, but it was superb.

Nota Bene said...

I watched that too...weren't they a dreadful 'alpha male' as they put least they kept the lawyers in limousines. At least the music was superb. I've been back stage at a few gigs of bands infinitely less famous than The Eagles and there are young girls all giggly and excited and desperate to throw themselves at the best guess is that they continue to hero worship the stars for ever after in a misty-eyed sort of way...and Cro has a good point there

Trish Burgess said...

You've got me humming all my favourite Eagles' tracks now.

I used to think Donny Osmond would pluck me out of the crowd. I suspect my virtue would have remained intact.

John Gray said...

I love rude talk

Marcheline said...

The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. And totally dependent on the individual. Some rock stars married "normal people" (Bon Jovi, for example)... some married bimbos (Tommy Lee, for one). Some groupies probably enjoyed their backstage/on the tour bus time for what it was, some probably got their hearts broken, most probably got STD's. As a girl who dated several musicians (not famous ones) I can say that often a person with a whole lot of swagger on stage does not live up to it in the bedroom. Give me a good, honest man with both feet on the ground any day.

Curry Queen said...

Libby - you said fuck! *faints*

libby said... c'mon...I don't believe you never lusted after Linda Rondstadt or Kate Bush or some other sexy young thing!
Nana...ooh like Mr Plant..and tell us more of these good looking suitors of yours.
Cro...I think there were some very 'knowing' young girls and some very vulnerable young girls...just like now sadly. The Eagles music just makes me happy....easy listening/singing and a reminder of happy times.
NB...who would you have fancied way back then?
Trish...well of course 'yu wuz brung up gud'.
John...ME TOO!
M..wise words....and you have your man.

Nana Go-Go said...

Re the good-looking suitors - which may have sounded a little smug but wasn't meant to be. When you have big kahoonas, you can become very popular - from the neck down! and all the time I was thinking they were attracted to my sparkling wit and charm!!

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news.......... I have decided to retire at Christmas. This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better qua...