A little of what you fancy.......

One week
on holiday
in the sunshine
a break from normal routines
a taste of honey
.....and now back at work and feeling a little more sanguine about life.

Planning to get my blogging groove back on ..... be afraid....be very afraid.


Nana Go-Go said…
I'm at the end of my second week's hiatus and firmly getting into the 'lady-of-leisure'groove. I just know I won't be a happy bunny on Sunday evening with the prospect of 'going back to jail'(that's what it feels like for me now!)on Monday morning. I've just had a text from the gardener at work to say it's hell over there! Great!Sent shivers up me spine :-(
Can't wait to see you getting your blog groove back on.x
Andy said…
Oh I'm envious - a holiday is badly needed here too!

It'll be good to see you writing again....
Marcheline said…
Ah, there you are! Lovely photo - but I want to reach out and fill up that wine glass.
John Gray said…
I am not afraid..... I love postcards x
libby said…
Nana....never mind my dear..one day we will be retired!
Andy...book it pack it and go x
M....I hardly drink these days anymore but a glass of fizz and then some sangria every evening just seemed right.
J...it found you then? good x
A taste of honey? Were you on holiday at a bee farm?
Isabelle said…
Oh Libby, have just read your previous post and feel for you. I'm a bit ahead of you in life and have come out the other side of the failing parents thing. It was very sad (but I didn't have the annoying big sister as well). Now I'm still sad but at least I remember my parents as they were, in their strong days, and not just in their declining years, which is a comfort. This will come to you too, but I remember the feeling of being trapped, as you were feeling then - I hope slightly less now.