Flown away?

No sign of Robins at all for the last two days.
An empty nest in the hedge.


Nota Bene said…
What about the chicks? :-((
Steve said…
Where's Chris Packham when you need him?
Frances said…
Hello Libby, Just found your blog via your comment on " In this Life", and have read your posts back to beginning of April. You sound like my sort of pal! I have been looking for another blog to follow, and you are the nicest and most interesting person I have found for long time. I am only writing this cos you said you want comments! I have been reading some blogs for a long time, and they feel like friends, especially when they reply to comments or even email back! I look forward to getting to know you . ( I am originally from Leicester but have brought up my 3 sons near St Albans for the last 35 years)
libby said…
Steve....well I did watch Springwatch last night but obviously 'twitching' isn't for me!..did you see my comment about looking for you on Saturday?
Frances....thank you and welcome.....do you have a blog?
Frances said…
No Libby, I don't have a blog...just enjoy reading them!
Come back Peter! Come back Paul(ine)!