Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free time......

We have not been at work all work.
We had a week take time to wind down.
To catch up on jobs.
To take our time over things.
To stay in your dressing gown (and yes given that the weather has been awful I am still wearing a dressing gown) until late morning and then dress in 'home' clothes not 'work clothes'.
Driving in the green luscious countryside and idly thinking about where we could move to, or consider a tiny little weekend place perhaps?.....dreaming.
Sorting out the garage.
Tidying the no mans land at the end of the garden.
Clearing out the shed.
Unpicking a cardigan that I knitted long ago that just wasn't right......and then re-knitting it (well I have done the front and the back...just about to start the sleeves.)
Visiting a gallery midweek.
Asking for a quote for bespoke Roman Blinds for 4 bedrooms in John Lewis and thinking that the thousands of pounds quoted was an awful lot for what is essentially a few metres of plain material and some sticks.
Sitting in the garden in the sun with my kids on a Friday.....felt very strange.....we can only usually get together at the weekends.......this being at home in the week is something that I would really like more of.
Mostly the weather has been grey and wet and cold, but it mattered not.
We have been at home, not at work.
Back on to the hamster wheel next week.
S'all good July we have another week off.
Bring it on.


Curry Queen said...

I've had the week off as well and it's been bliss. I never thought I'd say this, but I really look forward to a time I can retire!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I deduce that you're already appreciating that work is an overrated concept. It's nice to rise when you want to in the morning and if it's crap outside - just laze about - "Homes Under the Hammer", muesli and a second mug of tea, surf the net - oh dear ir's eleven thirty - time for a shower methinks. What the hell.

Cro Magnon said...

And here I am just wandering aimlessly all day, all week, and all year.

Steve said...

Had the week off too. Back to the grindstone tomorrow which makes me miserable. Already counting down the days to the next holiday.

libby said...

CQ...I cannot wait for retirement!
YP...very over-rated indeed.
Cro...NOT JEALOUS AT ALL.....grrrrr. you weren't there when I looked for you yesterday (after looking around the plant sale outside)?

Trish Burgess said...

We also had a week of pottering and a lovely day in Norfolk with Rory and his girlfriend.
Roman blinds do cost a fortune. We have had lots of other types of blinds fitted recently - roller, Venetian - but the roman blinds in the bedroom cost more than all the others put together.

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