Blogging makes you brainy!

Driving to work today, I was listening to Radio 4. The piece being discussed was the state of the waterfront in Oakland California, and also the emergence, in so many ways, of China and its people.
The broadcaster then said......'we spoke to the Mayor of Oakland'......and I quickly chimed in with 'Jean Quan'! and then they proceeded to talk to the lady in question. I, of course, only knew that Jean Quan was the Mayor of Oakland because of reading the brilliant about last weekend blog by Jody from NuZild.
Wish it had been a quiz question..........thanks Jody!


Steve said…
I'm only here to be educated.
Nota Bene said…
How good did you feel after that!!
Trish Burgess said…
Ooh yes, I remember Jody mentioning her too.

My son used to answer many quiz questions based on a thorough knowledge of The Simpsons.