Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm just wondering....

I'm curious about something with regard to blogging.
Bear with me 'cos I know I am a bit slow with regard to technology and using t'internet.
This is how I blog.....log in/read my favourites /post comments/reply to comments etc., all on my laptop.
If I comment on a post then I check back to see if there has been a response......and if I receive a comment
then I reply to it. Is this what others do? I do suspect I am being a bit ocd about revisiting posts/comments.
Life is too short sometimes isn't it? so a little while ago I wrote that I was looking for a 'go to' phrase or comment that I would post as an acknowledgement that I had visited/read but didn't have time to write something.
27. My go-to number.
If I have something to say and the time to say it then fine...if not I shall just post '27'.
Not sure that this would be acceptable behaviour really (all my smashing readers/authors) are perhaps thinking that a quick '27' is not acceptable..........(ooh crikey - that could mean something else in other circles couldn't it?).
Can you have a think and let me know.....................
Am I just going to get a lot of numbers as a response to this?
Also I am so full of cold my chest hurts now ....nose blowing and feeling like your head is underwater and wearing no makeup means that I am not a pretty sight......this post may be only slightly less boring than
whatever your personal most boring thing is - but I am not firing on all cylinders. 
 Peace and love and enjoy your bank holiday weekend.


Steve said...

I often revisit comments just to see if I need to make a follow up comment - it's nice when a dialogue occurs. But if a particular regular doesn't comment at all I don't worry about it... sometimes you just can't think of a reply or don't have time. And it's perfectly acceptable to just read and not comment. Better than no-one reading at all.

Scarlet Blue said...

Do you tick the email follow up box when you comment? This saves having to check replies, honestly it's a Godsend.
Oh, 54 :-)

Nana Go-Go said...

27 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nana Go-Go said...

Seriously though, get better quick!xxx
(ps still thinking about the 'award' you gave me - will get on it soon)

libby said...

Steve...good to know...I do read but then feel guilty for not commentating....Catholic guilt y'see.
Hi Scarlet..thanks for the tip..I'm inching closer and closer to knowing which way is up!x
Nana...thank you....looking forward to your answers x

Kelloggs Ville said...

Horses for courses. Steve always responds to comments so if I do comment on his blog I think very hard about what I am going to say. I mostly don't respond to comments but when I have time I will try. I always comment on RTFM, I always read one particular blog but have never commented. I love receiving comments they make my day but I know many people visit and don't comment. I always read your posts and sometimes I comment sometimes I don't but it is usually indicative of how busy my life is at the time not a reflection of the post itself. I think I'm saying do what makes you happiest :)

libby said...

K....yes spot on.......and I am curious now about which blog you always read but never comment on?

Isabelle said...

I don't usually return to comments I've made (unless the blogger often responds in his/her comments) but I do usually visit commenters' blogs and comment on theirs.

A blogger I "know" asks visiting non-commenters to leave a "stone", ie to write (O).

Kelloggs Ville said... it never quite seems the right time or I think I'm going to say the wrong thing and yet I've been reading on and off for years.

Cro Magnon said...

Did you read my 'Brain Teaser' blog? I asked 'What result do you get if you add 12, 14, and 11, then subtract 10'.

I have a feeling you were quite close with the answer!!

libby said... a stone is 27 eh interesting..will have a look myself...
Cro...'smiles and bows'...

sensibilia said...

HA! Was wondering what the meaning of 27 was. Had concocted a theory that you thought life expectancy had now reached 87. *Convoluted thinking, AE Houseman referred to three score years and ten, and I am about to be 60, so added on 27*

re Scarlet's tip, I do tick the email follow up box on people's blogs when I see it, but I don't know how to get one to appear on my own blog. Does anyone know how to make it happen?

libby said...

S....will investigate the email follow up box thingy today....perhaps it is in settings?

Trish Burgess said...

I think it's probably worth ticking the email reply box if you see the author tends to reply. Occasionally I have done this but have received emails of everyone else's comment on that post. Must have done something wrong.
Some blogs have a tick box on them so you can say if you found it funny or interesting.
Anyway, 27 to you too!


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