Good times......

I am officially an old lady now.
Listening to the radio.
A nice cup of tea.
Taking photos of birds.

Where is the sex/n/drugs/n/rock'n'roll?
Back in the day is where..........
Lost in the mists of time.
Memories remain, but in all honesty, I quite like this stage of my is very pleasureable in many ways I must say ......and I was never very good at the drugs or rock/n/roll.


To every time there is a season...just as long as you don't smell like an old lady or fart like one!
Cups of tea and listening to public radio are my two top favourites. I have been training to be an old lady all my life
Cro Magnon said…
I really enjoyed the irresponsibility of the 60's, and try to keep the spirit alive.
Nana Go-Go said…
It's called 'contentment', Libs. It clearly suits you. Also, you're never too old to learn stuff. Did you see the lady on the news recently who has just learned to become a DJ.....she's 91!!Dunno about the sex and drugs but she can still clearly rock'n roll!!Good for her.