Monday, May 27, 2013


This morning we decided to roll up our sleeves and tackle 'the garage'.
There has never been a car in our garage.
Oh plenty of stuff.
An accumulation of all the bits and pieces, large and small, that a family has used, or bought, or meant to use and never did, from baby to toddler to teenage and early wedded years.
We started early, as it is embarrassing for your neighbours to see you open the garage door and have to hold back the tide of crap that falls out at you.
Each box or bag or unidentified something was then placed on the drive as we 'sorted it in to piles'.
We did this once before years ago and a woman appeared from nowhere and inspected our belongings.
She thought we were having a yard sale.
No sale.
I was quite insulted.
This time though we left one car at the end of the drive to stop curious passers by.
Pretty soon though and luckily for us, as if by magic, a man and a scrap van appeared and took 3 televisions, and  two rusting garden chairs.
Later on we put a large old paraffin heater on the verge and yet again a man and a white van appeared and whisked it he went to drive off I stopped him (he looked at me very suspiciously, as if I were about to ask for my stuff back - hah) and offered him an old sewing machine...he took it and said thank you in an accent that I suspect was eastern european. Selling it or using it, I care not.
Some stuff that we have purged ourselves of, is possibly stuff we could have sold....but we are not those people.....too 'can't be arsed' to sell on ebay or carboot, and I am a great 'charity shop' we give lots of stuff in and hope it does someone some good.
There is an awful lot of stuff belonging to my son, and once he is living in his own home, and not renting a flat, as he is at the moment, then that will free up quite a bit of space.
I did enjoy finding my wedding dress (hideous, quite hideous) and the love letters I had written to my mister before we wed.
All the christening stuff and school stuff also gave me quite a few 'aagh' moments.
Perhaps though the many many videos and books can be taken out and donated later in the week, and we may still need the quilts and sleeping bags?
We have a large stack of albums
 which we will go through on another day.........
but this 'art work' has a label on the back of it to remind us that it was bought in Boots the Chemist.... my dad bought it years and years ago....he loved it.......I remember that along with little bottles of olive oil for earache you could buy 'art' in Boots back then....

So I have dusted it off and may even hang it!
What do you think?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I like the retro picture but it deserves a different frame.
By the way I once found one of your love letters blowing down a street in the darkest Midlands...
Dear Donald (The Mister),
I love you so much I want to have a garage with you and fill it with cast off junk. Dreams can come true darling.
Libby x

Working Mum said...

We really want to see the hideous wedding dress!

Well done on the clear out, it's so time consuming and then you have to actually do something with the stuff, but don't you feel so much better when it's sorted?

Trish Burgess said...

We are also of the 'can't be arsed to sell' category. We have had throw outs when kitchen and bathroom were re-done, making the most of the skip that the builders arranged. Dougie has sorted old books into boxes but whenever we go to town we forget to take them.

K Ville said...

This weekend I have moved a plastic rocking horse and wheel barrow from the shed to the garage. Baby steps to clearing out baby toys for me!

Nana Go-Go said...

Please tell me it wasn't an old Singer Treadle you gave away!You can 'freecycle' stuff if you can be bothered. Second-hand sewing machines go really fast on there (I have a really funny story about that but maybe later).Also, see Steve's recent post on leaving stuff in your garden,only to be nicked later on.I remember those retro pics from Boots. If it's a 'Vernon Ward' they're very collectable, also your garden chairs would have gone down a storm in USA - they love that 'junk' look over there!One woman's trash is surely always another woman's treasure! Re. your boy getting his own flat and taking his stuff with him.....ha ha ha ha ha ha!!Ask me how I know?

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

I want to see your wedding dress too! This garage clearance is speaking to my soul. In the last few weeks I have realised how much stuff has been hustled away in there and not brought back out again - and I have needed it, but have no idea of where to find anything. What determination to make it a day's project.

Nota Bene said...

Obviously if you want to come and do our garage as well...
...I rather like that picture...yes do hang it up...

Cro Magnon said...

Admit it; everyone likes a garage filled with junk. It's such fun looking through it all on a rainy afternoon.

About Last Weekend said...

Wow. You are so tidy!! Those things are stacked so meticulously. I am an inveterate chucker outer. I even threw out a year of diaries written when I was traveling though the Middle East which now I regret. The picture is very Stella McCartney, hang it say I. how lovely that you wrote to your now husband and kept the letters - also that they were not mouldy - you could easily make your garage into another room if its that dry.

About Last Weekend said...

And yes! Totally need to see wedding frock!

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