Monday, February 4, 2013

Things that make me happy.....

Making blankets.
These are the latest two and now I think I 
might start another one.
It was suggested to me recently that making my kids blankets
is a way of trying to wrap them up and protect them.
Who knows.
Does it matter? I like to crochet.
And a blanket is a useful thing to produce......and while I am crocheting
I'm not stuffing my face with food. Result.
Finding little things like this in the local Charity Shop.
Cream Enamel Home sign.
Covers the redundant letterbox and is one of my favourite words.
Utilising a special mug even if the handle is missing....I just turn it
around and put pens in it.
So I still get to see Joe Robin every morning.
Looking around my home for examples of things that make me happy, in order not to sit
and focus on things that are causing me concern.
What stuff in your home makes you happy?


Macy said...

Photos of the kid when he was still a Cherub, the view outside the window, my bed, the lily growing on my desk, the bird house, a small plastic skeleton called Bumpz...

Steve said...

Blankets are forces for universal good. Everyone should have a blankie.

Nana Go-Go said...

Well, talk about hiding your light.....those blankets are AMAZING....I love your colour schemes....details of wool used and pattern for the squares, please??And if that's an Emma Bridgewater mug, I think we should complain about the handles - my boss has a cupboardful of those mugs but at least 6 of them have broken handles (it just so happens that they dropped off whilst I was using them!)Home's my fav word too.x

Celia Taylor said...

Keep doing the blankets! I need them up North!

Cro Magnon said...

Just about everything... other than the infernal mess!

Nota Bene said...

We have a jug with the same robin on!

The pictures on the walls make me most happy...they all have some significance..

Sarah said...

My electric blanket, my brushed cotton duvet cover and undersheet and my comfy sofa.

There's a certain cosy theme...

Marcheline said...

1. My husband
2. My kitties
3. All my assorted eccentric ephemera, from antique to bizarre
4. My movie collection
5. My retro kitchen, linens, and plates
6. My Turner Classic Movies channel

Kelloggs Ville said...

How do you know he is called Joe? Steve is right about the blankets. I'm with NB about pictures. My home is a house without a cat and daffodils :)

sensibilia said...

That is what mothers do - try to protect their children. And what more cosy and homely than a beautiful hand made blanket!

What makes me happy in my home?
My husband's presence. Food, homemade of course. Sleep, in a comfy bed with clean sheets.

About Last Weekend said...

Actually it's a sign I see on the way to taking the kids to school. It's a stop sign and someone has written by the Stop. "Hammertime!" It appeals to my sense of humour.

Marcheline said...

A.L.W. - that IS hysterical! I love intelligent graffiti.

John Gray said...

Oh and scotch eggs x
Did I say that already?

Curry Queen said...

Puns and wordplay (as you may have gathered from reading my blog!) and LOVE Jody's "Hammertime"!

libby said...

Macy, do you spend as many hours as I do looking at photos?
Steve..of course!
Nana, yes it is an EB mug, and as for the wool...well the ripple was made with soft expensive stuff and must have cost me a fortune, but I didn't buy it all at once.....and the squares is all cheap and cheerful Charity shop wool!
Celia...hello...wrap up warm!xx
Cro...I know, I love most of the stuff I am surrounded by too.
NB..ah yes pictures...I hate to think which I would grab in a fire.
Sarah....just add some hot horlicks and you are just perfectly cosy.
M..yes I love my mister being here too. a family we have always said 'hello joe' every time we saw a Robin....that is his name right??
S..ah a clean bed at the end of the day...heaven.
ALW..and M.....and CQ...I don't get it..does that mean I'm not intelligent?
JG....not sure what you said before scotch do love'em don't you...

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