Thursday, January 31, 2013

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This, Nana, is Justin O'Shea.
In another life........well ....................he certainly would be the chap in the room that would make your heart beat a bit faster don't you think? Or maybe not.
And if my daughter is reading this? sorry darling.....I don't want to embarrass you but sometimes in my head I am still allowed to remember being young.
John, over at Going Gently (sorry can't remember how to do the linky thing), in a post of his recently asked about who we have fancied over the years/crushes we have had.
So, going back in time, here is a list of people that I thought were very attractive...

Cary Grant
Alan Arkin
Laurence Olivier
Tom Wilkinson
Mr Darcy (in either film)
Gene Kelly
Marlon Brando
Howard Keel
Jean-Paul Belmondo
George Segal
Tony Soprano

and then of course my mister, who I truly think is looking better now than he has for many years......but then it wasn't his looks that attracted me to him in the first place. He made me laugh then and he still does now.
Whenever I hear  Shania sing 'You're still the one..' it makes me smile.....Love you mister x


John Gray said...

Nice to see your list!
Tom wilkinson is a sweetie isn't he

Cro Magnon said...

I don't know Mr O'Shea, but he looks as if he's borrowed his younger brother's suit. He also has dreadful taste in shirts and tattoos. You're giving me hope that someone, somewhere, once thought the same about me!

libby said...

John...and a great actor too....I always want to put my arms around him.
Cro....I agree about the suit/shirt and tattoos.....and yet.....oh well.
I imagine there are lots of people littering your wake of the past who thought you had a twinkle in your eye and there will be more Im sure!

Steve said...

You obviously go for the "classics"...!

Marcheline said...

Cro Magnon stole my comment about the suit, so I won't repeat it. However, your written list is right down my alley! I would add:

Henry Cavill
James Stewart
Manu Bennett
Antonio Banderas
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

hausfrau said...

Cary Grant certainly, but where are Paul Newman, Robert Redford, George Clooney, Richard Gere and Daniel Craig? Odd who one fancies really, but I wouldn't include the guy in your photo - never heard of him!

libby said...

As you can see everyone, there is a difference between the 'classic gorgeous men' and Mr O' is my much much much younger self that would have fancied him.....and the elusive x factor that makes us pine for someone is a very curious beast...but thank you one and all for commenting.....who would you have fancied that was 'not really your type'?

Curry Queen said...

Gosh am out of the loop as I've never even heard of J O'Shea! Not my type at all! And how can anyone fancy Daniel Craig? He's so sullen. Mr Clooney has become a bit smug-looking in his old age as if he expects everyone to fall at his feet.....

Marcheline said...

"not my type"? Hmmm... afraid I must look up the meaning of that phrase... hee hee! I like them big and brawny, I like them willowy and poetic, I like them wild and long haired, I like them trim and military, I just adore men! The only "type" I can think of that is absolutely off the list is any that does not bathe and brush his teeth regularly. But that goes for women, as well, so...

Trish Burgess said...

I've not heard of Justin O'Shea either, CQ.
Not sure who I fancy at the moment - I had a thing for Tom Cruise in his Risky Business days (though as he's a bit small, I can only imagine him horizontal). Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma also did it for me.
So glad your mister is top of your list though!

And where is the photo of the blanket you promised Nana?

Macy said...

Libby!!! How old are you!!!! Lawrence Olivier??? Cary Grant???? Gene Kelly??? Anyone from my parent's generation was verboten!

Mind you, I can talk, I always had a thing for Harvey Keitel...

libby said...

CQ,M Trish and Macy.....I did preface with 'in my younger days' re Mr O'Shea! and I think that because I grew up watching old films that is where my attraction for 'real men in suits' comes from......although Justin does look a bit unusual in this one.......usually he is very very stylish.