Saturday, November 24, 2012

A little craft project.......

Today, in the charity shop, I saw these two items.
The heart, in case you can't see the label, was 50p and the tartan ribbon was 20p.
So for one pound of the realm, and a bit of paint and some imagination I can make
myself a Christmas decoration of some kind.....what do you think?


Cro Magnon said...

Errrrm; not too sure really.

libby said...

Oh dear Cro....I do hope the idea of a homemade decoration didn't offend your artistic nature.....I can't imagine that it did...the heart is now painted magnolia (left over from painting the sitting room) and awaits some form of decoration.....and as it is quite large, it won't be for the tree but perhaps hang in the hall or by the fire. I do love Christmas..and all the leading up to it makes me happy.

Nana Go-Go said...

I was going to suggest a lick of paint then waxing over for a 'shabby chic' look but you're half-way there already! Tartan ribbon is always good news!Way to go, Libs, it will look stonking hanging by your fireplace, or anywhere else in your home.Well done. x

libby said...

Thanks Nana....will let you see the result another time. x


Just for now.