Sunday, November 25, 2012

Free time....

Went to the pictures and the mister.
As it was an 11am showing we had the place to ourselves.
Back and centre seats.
'Silver Linings Notebook.'
A really really good film.....not quite a rom-com or a deeply sad drama......well paced and quite funny in places...and sweet and well written.
Of course looking at Bradley Cooper was no always helps if the leading man is cute don't you think....and his leading lady was a pretty thing too, so the mister got that pleasure.
Robert de Niro is in the mix lots of boxes were ticked.
A feel good film that had us both smiling as we left the cinema.
The best kind of cinema experience in my book......only us there and a great film to boot.
What do you like about the film experience?


Steve said...

I like the sense of occasion and spectacle at the cinema... but it's great when you have the cinema to yourself!

Nana Go-Go said...

Still trying to see that Bond man but haven't managed so far. Rubbish weather's keeping everyone indoors! Sounds like a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning. Have a great week, Libs. Will catch up soon. x

Marcheline said...

It's listed on IMDB website as "Silver Lining Playbook"... looks interesting! Never heard of Bradley Cooper or the chick before, but DeNiro ROCKS.

Nota Bene said...

What is this film? How come I've not heard of it? I feel I may have missed something! I've never been to an empty cinema before...a personal screening! My favourite part is watching the adverts before...they always seem more fabulous than adverts on the TV

libby said...

Steve...we go at that time to avoid all the noisy disruptive young'uns who cannot sit and watch a film in silence....gosh that makes me sound old!
Nana...oh do make time for Mr won't regret it.
M..yes you are right it is playbook not notebook...I was a bit carried away by the handsome leading man (I wish.....) and of course Mr De Niro was superb....looking his age a little now though.. and the mister...have to ensure that we are there about 3 hrs before the film starts so that we can watch tons and tons of must be a boy thing.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What do I like about good film experience? - The darkness and the opportunity to lose yourself in somebody else's artistry. It can be magical.
P.S. Snogging on the back row with your "mister" is pretty juvenile you know!

libby said...

Now why did you assume we snogged.. judging us by your standards eh?

Curry Queen said...

Going to see it tonight - everyone I know who has seen it so far has loved it and there is Oscar talk in the air!

libby said... really is very good..enjoy.

Isabelle said...

I wondered about seeing it but then I read a crit and it sounded - I can't remember now! But depressing or something. Not my sort of thing. You recommend it, though?

libby said... is Silver linings playbook (not notebook) and it is, in my opinion a rather good film.

Trish Burgess said...

It must be years since hubby and I have been to cinema together. No idea why as we often go to theatre and our local theatre screens films so we've no excuse.

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.