Thermal vest needed?

My mister has just booked us a little cheap and cheerful trip from t'interweb for November.
One of those 3 nights and flights deals.
 I am so excited!!
The hotel is obviously not expensive or fancy (unlike your accommodations Trish!) but tripadvisor research shows that it has clean beds/good location so as we intend being out and about most of the time then that is all that matters.
Copenhagen here we come!!!


Andy said…
weirdly enough, the IMA and I were looking at that very deal (travelzoo?) not half an hour before I read this - I think we have a similar eye for a trip!
You will love Copenhagen, Libby. Email me if you want any info. Wonder where you're staying?
Curry Queen said…
It's years since I went to Copenhagen but I remember it as a lovely city. Look forward to hearing all about it!