Sunday, September 23, 2012


Ok, so I didn't win the big rollover lottery.
Imagine me shrugging my shoulders.

Family circumstances continue to mean that I am constantly mithering away
 in my head about things that I have no control over.
This too shall pass.
Imagine me nodding and looking wise.

The world seems to be going about its business in a way that makes
no sense to me.....some people have no food and others
throw food away (not finger pointing here..I am
as guilty as everyone else)..and eating a bacon sandwich as I type.
The world has turned for many years and I hope will turn for many more...maybe humans will become kinder and more responsive to the needs of  others.
Imagine me looking hopeful.

We need jobs and education and health care and someone in charge who
will help steer us out of these troubled waters.
Not sure how that is going to happen.
Imagine me looking perplexed.

I had a migraine this week.
I cannot kneel down as there is something wrong with my knee.
I need glasses on now to do almost anything, not just read.
Imagine me looking stern....the world is NOT about I/me/mine all the time.

You know when you read something that seems to
jump out at you as if to say you..yes you..this is for you....?
Well earlier while blog hopping I stumbled upon the words 'too blessed to be stressed'.
Imagine me smiling......not being smug....just smiling.


Trish @ Mums Gone To... said...

I'm imagining me and you having a cuppa and a bacon sandwich and a good old blather.

Steve said...

Make it a fried egg and ketcup sandwich and I'll join you both.

Nana Go-Go said...

You've probably got fluid on your knee - commonly known as 'Housemaid's Knee' from bending and kneeling a lot.
Citizen's Advice in Scotland have reported a marked increase in the amount of food parcels being issued up here and things are set to get tougher, allegedly which may account for the fact there was a massive turnout for the Independence Rally in Edinburgh yesterday.Troubled waters and perplexing are two terms I would use for that outcome, should it befall us.
Have a good week, Libs. x

Macy said...

And I shall be round to remind you that women of a certain age who are still able to wear bikinis can't complain about rickety knees!!

libby said... long as we are in your huge lovely new kitchen that would be great.
Steve....Ketchup? the devils own brown sauce is great.
Nana.......well whatever is wrong with my knee is very painful...but only when I try to bend it or sit on it..not when I walk etc., for Independence for Scotland, well I have mixed feelings about that.
Hi Macy! good to hear from you...and don't mind me having a moan...although yesterday I did put my summer clothes away and donated some bikinis to the charity shops...this may have been the last year my middle was on show!

Anonymous said...

Too blessed to be stressed... what a lovely line and I can imagine you smiling x

Marcheline said...

Damn. Now I'm craving a bacon sandwich. On toast. With some sliced tomato and mayo. And salt and pepper. And white wine.

See what you started?

libby said... is a lovely line ... each time I find myself tightening my shoulders or grinding my teeth I try to remember it.
Marcheline.....Wine with a bacon sandwich!!! how very cosmopolitan...

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