A quick hello....

Last Saturday I was in Whitstable.
Lovely Moannie from http://theviewfromthisend.blogspot.com/ lives fairly close to Whitstable.
For any blogger who reads her, you will know why I  really felt the pull towards her smashing home, why I wanted, with her permission, to call by, hug and say hello again to Moannie, JP and Milou.
In my experience, it is an unusual event if  you get to meet someone via the magic that is t'interweb,  (hello Auntigwen  http://auntiegwensdiary.blogspot.com/........), although as I have only met two so far, I could be very wide of the mark. Time will tell, as I do hope to meet   Katy http://katyboo1.wordpress.com/   sometime this year, and perhaps even at some point Jody http://aboutlastweekend.blogspot.com/. Also Macy and Nana (see I got fed up of fighting with the technology and taking ages to put links in there.....sorry) also Trish, K and Mrs W........oh and the rest of you.......you know who you are. Or perhaps none of you would ever want to meet, maybe t'interweb witterings are sufficient, which is fine. But being so very very close geographically to Moannie, I really had to grasp the opportunity.
 My sister, who was the reason for the visit to Whitstable (hello sis) is not a blogger. She is a good sister though and agreed to drive with me to visit Moannie. I am so glad we did.
Now Moannie has not been well of late, but she looked beautiful,  JP was charming and Milou would have been kidnapped had my daughter been with us! We had a lovely visit which was longer than last time but brief enough (I hope) not to tire Moannie. She already has the glam nail varnish, and is looking forward to the planned Spring party. The sun will shine, the hammock will be up, the food and drink will be delicious, but best of all the hostess will be fabulous.


katyboo1 said…
I am looking forward to our meeting. And spring is in the air so it must be upon us in the not too distant future. x I've always wanted to go to Whitstable. is it lovely?
Nana Go-Go said…
OMG how thrilling that you should want to meet me in person!My friend has just moved to Deal and I may be visiting sometime after my son's wedding in July (can't afford to do ANYTHING until then!). Is that do-able for a visit?
How lovely of you to go and see Moannie - sounds like she's been through the mill alright.I'm sure she was really chuffed that you and your sister made the effort to visit. Have a good weekend, Libs and ALWAYS lovely to 'see' you around.x
Nana Go-Go said…
ps Forgot to say, hopefully my friend Betty@Bettythewoodfairy can come along too. We could make it a Bloggy Convention!lol
Kelloggsville said…
I always assumed you lived near me, as I assumed you were close to AuntieGwen, I'm very very close to AuntieGwen x
sensibilia said…
How wonderful you saw Moannie. I am so pleased she is doing well.
I have a friend who lives in Whitstable but not visited her for years. I wonder if she knows Moannie?

I have met Auntie Gwen when she had some work near me; it was lovely.
I'd love to meet you too.
libby said…
Katy, all seaside places have a charm don't they? I don't like oysters which is what Whitstable is famous for, but I do love hot chips in paper whilst sitting on a wall looking out at the sea.
Spring is nipping at our ankles thats for sure...will email you x
Nana, Deal/Whitstable...there must be somewhere in between where we 3 could meet for lunch...and how excited you must be for your boys wedding...will you post a pic? Moannie looked wonderful and JP was so charming..they were very gracious about my 'can I pop by and say hello?' request.
K, oooh I'm intrigued about where you are now...next time I'm over with AG shall we liaise?
S, yes (fingers crossed) she looks wonderful and seems to be doing well.
Trish, Whitstable became a sort of weekend place for people from London many years ago, so my sister is not a native..is your friend? AG is lovely isn't she? Your part of the world is gorgeous I think...all flat land and big skies and far horizons....when you have a break in your travelling shedule it would be great to meet.
Marcheline said…
I didn't know you knew Moannie! How great that you visited... I am one of her biggest fans. Glad to hear good news about her. Cheers!
Nota Bene said…
Isn't it good to meet fellow bloggers and find out what they're like in real life....
I love Whitstable, we used to go there often while we lived in London and I have great memories and photos of that place. I am so looking forward to meeting you sometime...and all the rest. Am heading over to "visit" Moannie, this time URL rather than IRl: (In real life)
libby said…
M,it is good news that she is 'fighting the fecker' and looking so well.
NB, yes althoughI was really nervous the first time!
ALW, how strange that once you were a regular visitor to Whitstable and now I am....Moannie is so lovely, in word and person.