First child.

Happy Birthday Vice Pope.
What a splendid age you are. What a splendid man you are.
Still young and robust but now with a grown up head on your shoulders.
In the best years really.
I am sorry that I found that awful bow tie for your graduation.
I am sorry that I cut and coloured your hair.......trying to be frugal is not always the way to go.
I am truly truly sorry that I lost my temper with you that one time and hit you because I had the vapours over the pre entrance exam.
I think of it now and again and am ashamed and regretful.
I am sorry that in your early teenage years me and pa gave you cause for concern over alcohol consumption......ours not yours.
I am sorry that I would decide to 'do your bedroom' without really asking you and then have you spend hours helping me move furniture or paint or re-organise your stuff.
I am grateful that you were a young man who didn't really rebel and tell us both to eff off when we must have gotten on your last  nerve so many times.
I am grateful that you are a big brother who loves his little sister and will always look out for her.
I am grateful that you are patient and kind, bright and considerate, with a quick wit and the ability to explain things slowly and carefully to your daft ma, and will always be available for heavy lifting and electrical.
I am grateful that you have the love of your life to share your future with. That you will marry your wonderful girl and have children and be the best Dad ever. The best Son ever tends to do that I suspect.

Have a great birthday son
love you


Andy said…
I'm often struck by the regular coincidence that great kids tend to have great parents.

The bowtie was a bit rough though :)
Oh what a lovely post, he's a star and so are you. Sounds like a great young chap, if my sons grow up half as nice I'll be happy.
Steve said…
I can hear your love loud and clear...!
Now why didn't I write something like that for my boy's 16th birthday yesterday. That was very touching xx
Nana Go-Go said…
You would NOT want to know about the faux-pas I made at my first child's graduation!Suffice to say his retort was 'Mum, there are times when you've really embarrassed me but that time, I wished the ground had opened up and swallowed me!'....that may give you a bit of a clue about how bad it was...the bowtie's got nothing on that!We've all done things we remember and regret, Libs but sounds like you've raised a good 'un. Happy Birthday Young Man.
Mrs Worthington said…
what lovely things, sounds like a great guy. Must be down to the parents
I hope your son has read this loving post because it is meant for him and not for bloggers like me who don't even exist - not in the real sense of the word.
Like Yorkshire Pudding I feel like a bit of an interloper, but good people make the whole world good so well done Mother and happy birthday son :-)
Curry Queen said…
Must remember to send the bow tie to the charity shop....
Thanks for the tip!
Marcheline said…
Now that? That was SWEET.
Lottie said…
Aw....Goosebump Central...