A little colour in our lives?

No, not photos of daffodils or tulips or the tiny buds that remind us that Spring is waiting in the wings to emerge. Spray tanning. That's what I mean. Disappointed? sorry.............but keep reading...please..as I am after advice. You, dear reader, are a glamorous woman of the world who is just the right side of casual, with lovely hair and barely there make up and no cellulite. I need you. I want to step into your world for a day.
I am going to a wedding in a month and although I have my outfit and shoes (see above.....I cannot wear heels anymore and these are just the right height), the outfit needs me to expose bits of myself that have been covered up all winter, (nothing disturbing you understand, just feet, legs and arms) so I am planning to treat my DiL and my daughter to join me in having a full body spray tan in the few days before the wedding. Now we three are not the manicure/pedicure/tanning/makeup girly types. In fact yet again I cut my own fringe again the other day and now have to hold my head to one side in an attempt to disguise the fact. I have had the sense to book a hair appointment for the special day though. I would prefer to be 'sprayed' at home, although I am finding it nigh on impossible to find a mobile tanner and I have no idea which type (St Tropez? Sienna x? fake bake?) is the one to go for. I don't want to look spray tanned, if you know what I mean. I would just like my white hairy legs to be hair free and look as if I have been on holiday somewhere warm.
As the wedding is on a Friday should we be tanned on the previous Tuesday, Wednesday or day before? and what can we do if we all look orange? Or should I just shelve the outfit (pale coral shift dress with jacket) and wear thick black tights with something else? No, I will go with the tan and hope for the best. Any guidance laydeeeeeeeez? Have you? Do you? would you recommend it?


Kelloggsville said…
I haven't had one but I do know a lady that is trained to do them and is mobile. Email me from my blog and I'll give you details if you want them.
I am the master ( or mistress?) of fake baking. The spray tans in the booth and great and really even - you do not have to pay that top price to have the lady spray you in your skivvies (I'll never do it again). Do it the day before and sleep in it for a night before washing off - then wash off in the morning. I do find I need a top-off on my legs, the towelette fake tans ones are the most even....and i could go on (see I told you I know too much about this)
Steve said…
You, dear reader, are a glamorous woman of the world... for a minute there I almost lost myself in the fantasy.
Andy said…
I have no idea what any of that means, but I object to being called a glamorous woman of the world. ;)
Marcheline said…
Since you asked, I will tell you. I think that spray-on, bake-on, fake tans look exactly like what they are: fake. Orange. Gross.

If you're wearing a skirt that shows leg, shaving (or waxing) is a must. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the color of your skin as it is. A) It is wintertime. B) You are a white person. What? Seriously. If you're that worried about the color of your legs (and no one else will care, really) just wear hose a shade or two darker than your skin.

Take a peek at some of the celebrity websites. You will see how fake tans show up in photographs. "Annnnd here's a carrot in high heels... oh, sorry."
sensibilia said…
I would be scared stiff of going in a spray tan booth (I watched that episode of "Friends" ....)

However, I can pass on the following advice.

Years ago, when I used to play tennis (I know, scarcely credible, but I did, even though I was fairly c***). As I was saying, years ago, I used to put self-tan on my legs for tennis. It worked really well.

My advice is to
(1) Go for the most expensive brand possible. False economy here will mean having to buy a new outfit that covers you up. I used Christian Dior, and it smelt GORGEOUS.
(2) Practice the week before. It's really easy to make a mess of it, so find out the pitfalls in time to wash them off.
(3) Do the buffing and moisturising steps first. It does make a difference.
(4) Buy the different stuff for the face. Like (1), it is a false economy not to.
(5) Go easy on the decollete. More mature skin here (meanng its seen daylight more than the leg areas) means that the creases collect double thickness. I might well not bother at all with that area, just use a lightweight scarf to cover up.

You'll probably be freezing anyway, and want to cover up!
libby said…
Well thank you so much everyone...it is really kind of you all to pass on your advice. I am thinking that I might have a go at the self tan route in a week or two as a rehearsal...will let you know how it works out.
Isabelle said…
I have no idea but am just saying hello and good luck with it.I'm sure you'll look lovely.
Curry Queen said…
just to add my two pen'orth - I don't know what your colouring is like but I am very fair and i have found that spray tans are too dark for me. To get a subtle colour,I use one of those moisturisers with some colour built in - Dove, Johnson's, there are loads of them. Good luck and love the shoes!
Good luck Libby. Have never tried them myself as my skin is fairly olive anyway but a practice run sounds a good idea.