Sunday, January 22, 2012


Listen up husband -
Don't bust your balls in this job for us.......extra money is always nice but we managed before and we will manage again. We have a lovely home, we eat, pay our bills, and still have tuppence and a tanner left over for charideee shopping and chocolate, so AT ANY time if you want to tell them what to do with the job then purleeese just go for it. I will always be here for you. I love you.

Son -
I am thrilled that you are quote Barbra in TWWW  'your girl is lovely hubbel..' Being a husband and a father is exactly what is meant for you in this are a wonderful man and it is time to hold your shoulders back a bit more and give yourself credit for being who and what you are at the same time as never letting the world walk all over you.....good guys don't always come first, so sometimes take chances, have faith. Taking this step in your life has made you, and here I quote your own words back at you 'feel taller, bigger, better and happier'..long may that continue....stand up for yourself more in work and find your is a good voice coming from a good heart and will be heard if you believe in yourself more......feed your confidence my needs to grow. I will always be here for you. I love you.

Daughter -
Beautiful. That is what you are. Inside and out. Stand tall and continue to be fabulous.
Work hard....plan....think about making dreams come true and taking action. Trust.
Do NOT take drugs/smoke/ignore that little voice inside your head and heart.
Remember your confirmation name.........add it to Hope......look forward and smile.....and cue music....'Don't stop believing....' No one loves their baby like their momma. I will always be here for you.  I love you.

Pa -
Remember to switch your mobile off after you have called someone.......I don't need to hear what is being broadcast at the bookies in the afternoon. Remember that we are here to help with you and Ma. You don't need to be scared. You are my pa. I will always be here for you.  I love you.

Ma -
Remember the quote? A coward dies a thousand deaths a brave man only one........well think about it more. You have your crosses to bear, but you have so much else in life too.....focus on the good.
Let go of the past. Mithering over people and events constantly is like taking poison yourself and hoping the other person will die......I know you are scared.....but breathe out......gather your thoughts and re-direct your energies. Consider the rest of us.......there was nothing wrong with you yesterday.....calling the out of hours doctor and giving us all anxious hours was preventable......those pills for the GAD? they need to be taken.  I miss the you of my younger days. I am sorry about so much in your life but it is not my basket of burden to carry. Let us laugh and talk and look forward. I will always be here for you. I love you.

Big sister -
You are blessed with a happy optimistic nature. I am sorry life has not always been kind to you.
I have no answer to how your life might be improved, I only know that drinking is not the way forward. Stop wasting your money on magazines. Continue with the physiotherapy. Little things in life give you pleasure and make you laugh and that is good. I will always be here for you. I love you.

Brother -
60 huh? well you don't look it. Seeing the pleasure that you now have from your grandchildren and family,  makes me like this person that you are much more than the womanising drinking secretive person that you were. Growing older with some grace suits you. I will always be here for you. I love you.

Sis -
Chillax! I know that is not what the young'uns these days say, but listen to your mother. All will be well. You are beyond blessed. If it all went horribly wrong tomorrow you know I would be there with you to hold your hand...I already have your gave it to me so many years ago.... and wasting each and every precious moment of today in anxiety is just not very bright! and you are so very it out...take the pills of peace, breathe, smile and step away from the wine bottle now and again......and don't hate me for preaching....I have now and always will have  your best interests at heart. Don't need to say it. I love you.


Steve said...

The font of all wisdom...

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Well done for writing these things down for your loved ones while they are still alive. I hope they take note.

auntiegwen said...

Libs - my fabulous friend, don't ever change, I love you xxx

libby said...

Steve...who sir? me sir? no sir?
LMSG....thank you.
AG....shucks you too x

sensibilia said...

Them's sound words, them is. And all different, too. All different characters.

Curry Queen said...

Just lovely!

Blowing the dust off the blog......

And in other news.......... I have decided to retire at Christmas. This will be a reduction in money coming in but hopefully a better qua...