So far so good....

The tree is up.
Daughter is back from University (although with a cold/cough/sore throat combo).
Presents are bought/wrapped/hidden.
Provisions are in, apart from the fresh stuff.
Menu is planned (same as most years....not one for going against tradition at the best of times).
Family and friends are coming to Christmas lunch, so with luck there should be a seat, a drink and a warm welcome for everyone.
How is your pre-Christmas week going?


Well we are just back from a weekend in Newcastle so I can stay put now and enjoy this week. Mind you I seem to have come down with some flu and tummy thing so may join teenage son in a long lie in tomorrow.
Nana Go-Go said…
Way to go, Libs! I sould be wrapping right now but I`m too busy sitting staring into space!Have a great week,Libs.
libby said…
Trish, hope you feel better in time for the festivities.
Nana, thank you..and have a great week yourself.
Steve said…
Just got all the presents wrapped... feel damned good for getting that out of the way!
Nance said…
Well enough for relaxation and that's saying something, isn't it?

Joyeux Noel!
Elizabeth said…
Looks like your fairly organised. x
Marcheline said…
I've got the cold/cough/sore throat thingie almost, almost beaten... it's a real bastard this year.

Mom was up for a visit this weekend, and while I was at work she went to Costco and stocked up my freezer with roasts and chicken and ground beef.

A few presents under the tree, not much this year to be honest, but we have a bang-up tree full of lights and ornaments, and a whole day together (day after Christmas) to sit under it and watch all the holiday movies we've collected over the years.

Curry Queen said…
Argh - hopelessly disorganised....*buries head in sand*
libby said…
Steve, got your santa suit out of mothballs yet?
Nance, merci!
Elizabeth, I may look organised...but it's all smoke and mirrors!
Marcheline, now that is what a mom is all about...have a great time with your bear, and feel better.
CQ...have a g+t and'll feel better!
You sound like Nigella Lawson Libby! Boasting about how well-prepared you are! It's Christmas Eve tomorrow so I guess I'll have to nip down to the petrol station for a few gifts. Must remember not to leave them in the pub like I did last year. De-icer for the wife and a couple of Lotto scratchcards for the kids. After all, it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Merry Christmas Libby and thank you so much for being a regular visitor to my blog.
libby said…
Mr Pudding...thank you for calling in and y'know I like the idea of a scratchcard as a present...all that hope and possibility if only for a moment or two! Merry Christmas YP x