Shall we all hold hands and jump together?

New Years Eve.
Scary times.
2011 is done and dusted and all was well.
Big sigh of relief all around.
Thanks given every morning and evening.
2012? who knows.........scary times indeed.

I wish health and happiness, peace and contentment for all x


Steve said…
Interesting times ahead, methinks. But I wish happiness to you and yours.
Curry Queen said…
Hmm...thanks Libby. Who knows what's in store this year?
Macy said…
Happy new year Libby! What's not to like about a leap year!
Marcheline said…
Kelloggsville said…
ta muchly, right back at you x
Nana Go-Go said…
My brother-in-law and nephew leapt today...into the's a tradition up here on New Year's Day...they call it the 'Looney Dook' which translated means 'you have to be a raving eejit to even attempt it!' I'll just settle for a Quiet Heart in 2012...or relocating to Larkrise to seems nice there!Happy New Year again, Libs. x
libby said…
Steve, interesting is one way to look at it I guess...and thanks for the good wishes. strike me as an optimistic sort...let's increase the peace and hope for the best!
Macy....well I've never thought of it like that but I suppose a leap year is quite special.
Marcheline...THANK YOU...BACK ATCHA!
K...all the best for all of us eh?
Nana...can I visit you in Cranford/Larkrise/Candleford/town?

Happy New Year everyone x
I'm feeling good about the New Year so will send some postive thoughts over to you xxx
libby said…
Trish, how I hope your good feelings work out well, and it is so kind of you to send me the positive vibes.....thank you xxx
Elizabeth said…
Well, I hope you're leap lands you somewhere good in 2012, Libby. Wishing you a wonderfulyear. x
It is scary times. But I'm showering postive thoughts over to you as well. The sun came out today and eventually it will snow over this way.
libby said…
Elizabeth, thank you and I hope 2012 is wonderful for you and yours too. x

ALW....yes scary times, but I KNEW I could rely on you for positivity...thank you for the showering! x
sensibilia said…
Happy New Year!
I have posted a picture of the teapot....