I am here.
I have not given up blogging ....was that a boo from the cheap seats?.
I have just been a bit distracted.
And yet, now that I have been to court (yes... the car thing....from 2 years ago....the judge found in my favour) and my sister has had a health scare dealt with, and my house no longer has Christmas decorations, and I am back at work, and my daughter is back at Uni., and my loved ones are all sorted in one way or another, ONLY now can I think about 2012.
Tonight I thank my lucky stars for all my blessings.
And with the wind in the right direction and a bit of gauze on the lens and some smoke and mirrors I might be able to make my blog posts a LITTLE BIT MORE INTERESTING THIS YEAR.


Have just dropped in to catch up after being away in the UK (made sure we saw the Lego Christmas tree you wrote about a while ago). Funny reading some one else's lead-up to Christmas after the event. I too put on a stone feasting with family around England and Northern Ireland not just at Christmas time but for the whole of December! Eerk. So all the best with your diet; with engaging blogging; and happiness in your family too:-)
Steve said…
Sounds like 2012 has got off to a good start for you. Long may it continue!
Andy said…
I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you...glad you're back and everyone is sorted.
Nota Bene said…
Welcome to 2012...glad being back at work enables you to blog again!
Also love your writing. The blogs I like the best are musings about life in all its interest and ordinariness...those are the best.
Also going to say re your lovely comment. Actually I have the least energy of anyone I know. It's just that I don't work so have more time to do stuff.
libby said…
LMSG..you must have had such a fabulous time..what did you think of the state of Blighty this time around?
Steve..thank you...I was over your way last Tuesday and nearly dropped in to say hi.
Andy... thank you, sorted for now at least.
NB..thank you,happy 2012 to you and yours too, but I cannot even access t'internet where I work, so
pootling about in blogland is a spare time activity in these parts...and sometimes there isn't much spare time.
ALW, thank you for stopping by and saying such lovely things.
Marcheline said…
Congrats on all your early 2012 good news! I have just been called to jury duty for the first time in 45 years, so I will soon be "in court" too...