Wrong place Wrong time........is there ever Atonement?

We were in Cracow Poland last week.
There are lots of tourist organisation companies there offering day trips to Auschwitz, which is about an hour away. We thought long and hard for a couple of days about wether we wanted to visit such a place as a 'tourist'. Rightly or wrongly we decided to go.

So at 11:11 on that day we were here

The sky was very blue and the wind was sharp.
There was not a bird in sight. There were lots of tourist
Apart from the quiet words of the guides there was silence.


Steve said…
I've not yet been. But would like to. I think it's one of those place everybody should visit once.
Nota Bene said…
Think you were right to go. Must have been very moving.
Kelloggsville said…
no birds - says it all really.
I think I would have the same inner turmoil but would need to go if I was there.

I learnt something after the Christchurch Earthquake (which in no way matches the horrors of Auschwitz). Initially many of us thought it would be a gratuitous exercise to visit our ruined city especially as the visiblity of death was everywhere. But as time passed most of us have taken time to walk around the fences, to view and absorb and try and make sense of what has happened to something that was once our reality.
I imagine because the Holocaust has cast such a stain on our collective conscience visiting is hopefully a way towards understanding what went wrong and making sure it doesn't happen again.
Curry Queen said…
Weirdly, I have always wanted to go there. My dad used to swear that birdsong was never heard there - sounds like he could have been right.
Macy said…
Wow, now that's a memorable 11 11 11
I'd have gone in a minute when I was younger; less sure of that the older I get though...
It must have given it extra significance being there on that date.

The final photo is very thought provoking.
Wombat Central said…
What a sobering sight that must have been, and the silence must have added exponentially to the experience. Great shot of the barb.
libby said…
Thank you for posting a comment everybody. It was a day that I find hard to describe. I can only say that since then I keep thinking 'I walked out of this terrible place...I am alive' and it makes me feel blessed beyond measure.
Marcheline said…
Wow. The residual energy of that place must be hard to handle.
It is humbling to visit such a place. Somehow we know the history but we don't "feel" its true horror until we walk where victims and tyrants played out their nightmare. I'm glad you went Libby - are you?
libby said…
Marcheline......I do believe that places and objects e.g. walls and rooms or artefacts, really do entrap or soak up some kind of .. well.. I guess energy is one way of describing it.
YP....yes, I am very glad I went, and do still think about it almost daily.