Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tapas and me? that would be a no then...............

I am going to own up now to NOT BEING VERY NICE.
Not being a very SHARING SORT OF PERSON.
I am not proud of this fact.
I am ASHAMED (honest... but ashamed) that in a group of people having drinks and conversation in a bar in Seville, my mind is not focusing on discussing the beautiful sights we have seen that day, but on keeping an eye on that piece of Fritata that is sitting 8 inches from my right hand and is only roughly suitable for 3 or possibly 4 decent mouthfuls. That, as I don't like fish, hardly eat meat, and love cheese/potato/eggs/tomato and any variant of these, that fritata is MINE.....................
Sad, I know, but I have reason to feel as I do.
Let me explain.
Every year we go away with the same group of friends.
We have a lovely time.
There is a fly in the ointment though.
 Our friends eat a lot.......I mean, we eat, but our friends seem to just eat all the bloody time.
At the airport before we go.
On the plane.
Once we arrive at our destination.
After 20 minutes of sightseeing.
A snack.
A coffee.
More coffee.
Another snack.
Afternoon tea.
Nibbles before dinner.
More snacks.
Something before bed.
It just goes on and on and on.......................................
and if I only eat cheese and potato stylee foods, do you not think they could keep their forks AWAY from the only tapas item on the table that I might eat?????? but NO...they dig in to that too!!!!!!!!!!

YES I am ashamed of myself. Please stop mouthing SELFISH COW to the screen. I KNOW.

Yet, the fact is, tapas is not for me...if there is one plate of something I like amongst the various plates on the table then THAT BIG BOY IS MINE AND KEEP YOUR FORKS AWAY...GGGRRRRRR.

Other than that Seville was beautiful.
Will bore you with the photos on another post.


Steve said...

All's fair in love and tapas.

Curry Queen said...

Lol! And I bet your friends are irritatingly slim as well, aren't they? (Please say no...)

Trish @ Mum's Gone To ... said...

That's always a problem with sharing food - there's always some bugger who eats the lion's share. Of course, when it comes to the bill, it gets divvied up equally.

libby said...

CQ.....a few of them are quite large...big bellies to fill! sad and unsharing as I am the dividing of the bill equally has caused me years of being pissed off!!but now I have reached a calm about it and think of it as sharing the company not the food....

Macy said...

Patatas Fritas! Surely with an order of fried potato around your wee fritata would be safe!
Dead jealous of your holiday btw!

libby said...

Macy....NO FOOD is safe with a couple of our group..cutlery or fingers used at the speed of light!

Blowing the dust off the blog......

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