Just a bit of this and that.......

It's good to start the day on a cheery note so have just had a bit of a sing song with the mister....and our song of choice was ' Hole in the Ground'  by the genius that is Cribbins.........we did consider  'My Bruvver' by Terry Scott, but let's face it Cribbins was always going to win out...so a little dance on the landing to get the joints going whilst singing 'you can't dig there...dig it elsewhere....your digging it round and it ought to be square..' with a cup of tea is a pretty good start to any day in my book.

What else is new?

I bought a 'new to me' Per Una mac in a charity shop yesterday....and was trying some cords and shirts on in the changing 'room'.  Ah yes.... the 'changing room'.....sometimes a clean room with a door and sometimes a scruffy corner with a curtain that doesn't close and is hardly offering any privacy at all. This one wasn't too bad, but the whole time I was there I could hear a chap whistling immediately outside the door and he stayed there for a bit too long and I started to get a bit hot and bothered. I mean at one point I had only my knickers on and my hands across my boobs like Babs Windsor and found myself thinking 'well if the pervert catches a glimpse of something should it be tits or second best knickers?' Anyhoo, after deciding that yes I would buy the M+S cords and Boden shirt I was dressed and emerged into the shop looking for the 'whistler'......he was bald, sweaty, smelly and wearing a pleather jacket and looking through the ladies undies...........I thought that Fate had been unkind enough to him without me giving him a 'stare' so left with my 'new clothes'.

I walked for two hours in the late Autumn sunshine yesterday, around the local area, and as there were so many 'for sale' boards up I was driving myself mad with wondering how I could get my son and daughter on the property ladder....assuming that that is where they want to be...which I am not sure about. My son and his girlfriend have been renting for two years now and it drives me mad to think of all that 'wasted' money, that could have been spent paying a mortgage. I am beginning to think that they are becoming more and more resigned to just renting and never owning, and as the mister points out  'if we were to help them with a deposit, we have to do the same for our daughter..' and I'm not sure we have enough funds ourself to do that.....and also....it's not my business is it? Am I in danger of becoming interfering? should I just let whatever is going to happen happen? sigh......

My ma and pa are in fine form at the moment, which is wonderful, but also quite a novelty....I am slightly afeared that, as this is not the normal way of things, there might be some big disaster looming. But hey...I shouldn't look for trouble should I? It will turn up unannounced in its own good time....

I have the song 'Dolphins' by Fred Neil on my mind, along with 'The Beast in me' by Nick Lowe......both excellent and very 'sing along in your head'.

The mister bought a bread maker in Lidl. He loves gadgets. We will have 'home made' bread for a week or so and then the breadmaker will be put in a cupboard. Like every other gadget. The leaf blower/sucker sat in the shed for years until it seized up. Thankfully he doesn't like pasta or we would have a pasta maker and as neither of us drink coffee we don't need a machine for that. But a breadmaker?  I must say I am not convinced that it is a good buy. Last night we had 'bread' and cheese.....but the mister nearly put his back out carrying the loaf to the table.....heavy was the right word I think. A work in progress maybe? Watch this space.

Tomorrow morning we are flying to Seville with friends. With Ryanair. I always get the vapours when we fly with Ryanair. We are taking hand luggage only (for 4 days) and as my son is lending me his DSLR camera and I would quite like to have a change of clothes and a handbag I am dreading the packing that I must do later on. Can I put my handbag across my body and they won't try to make me put it into the suitcase we bought because it said 'cabin suitable'? and can I have the camera around my neck?  We have a small suitcase each and now because I have had an email from Ryanair reminding me that I have been cheap and opted only to take carry on luggage, my case must be only certain dimensions and only big enough for a change of pants and a jumper...OR ELSE. The 'or else' being that we will have to pay £40 if it doesn't fit the cage at check in.............we used the same cases with Easyjet and they were ok then but I have a bad feeling about this time........oooh I need to calm down....I am not a smuggler or international crime captain and yet feel nervous already? WTF.....

I am not really sure that these witterings should have been put down in black and white, but as a way of 'emptying my mind' and capturing memories for when I have dementia/alzheimers, I will continue to just tap tap away at the keyboard...although I have been wondering about making this blog less vanilla by being a bit more honest and not filtering so much.....but as my kids and sister know it exists I do hold back ....mmmmm....will give thought to that.

Madame De Farge? In case you are reading... where are you? and Diney? and Alison at Deerbaby? or Life between books? are you all blogging away somewhere else? or tweeting and whatever the next thing is? I accept that you may not be blogging any more on your original sites...but if you are up and running somewhere else I would quite like to 'hear your voices' again? if not then enjoy your 'blogging break' and take care.

There is a full english breakfast with my name on it calling to me....veggie sausage, toms, eggs, bacon, beans, mushroom, toast.......cor have just made myself hungry thinking about it!....must get dressed!

Enjoy your day x


Steve said…
Cribbins, Seville and a full English.

Sometimes life is sweet, isn't it?
What a lovely random post! I feel as if I'm sitting in a corner of your brain listening to the thoughts pop out.

Ryanair are far more stringent than Easyjet in my experience. I suspect you will have to place your handbag in the case. Not sure about the camera - have you a big pocket?
libby said…
Steve...yes it certainly is, and please don't for one minute think that I take my good fortune for granted. I have had years and years of too much month at the end of the money and some troubling times up until now....but just lately 'fingers crossed' things are good....and every night and morning I am truly thankful and know I am blessed. Glad you approve of Cribbins!
Trish....not a good place to sit really!! I'm worried about Easyjet now and am trying to condense shoes and clothes etc.,.....the camera is going to go into the misters coat pocket (when I have worked out how to use the long zoomy thing!)so he may look a bit lopsided..ah well..c'est la vie.
Nana Go-Go said…
Great start to your day, that`s for sure. Maybe the freak in the charity shop was waiting to see whether you were going to buy the mac because he really wanted it for his filthy,greasy self!
I`ve had those lean years too, God knows how we got through them but we did and so your own good kids will make their own luck in life. Having a big fat mortgage to pay in these times (this is just the tip of the iceberg by all accounts)is so stressful. They`ll do it when the time is right for them. In the meantime, enjoy Seville, however many suitcases you end up taking!x
Hello Libby, I wish I'd popped over here before as I enjoyed reading this very cheery post, and I second your comment about Madame, Diney and Alison. PS Have you heard from auntiegwen in Turkey? Is she okay?
Curry Queen said…
When someone mentions Bernard Cribbins, I always think of Right Said Fred (the song - not the ghastly group). the brought back a few memories! We have a bread maker that I used all the time before I went back to work full time - he'll get used to it and then you'll put on 3 stone overnight from all the lovely, warm crusty bread he produces!!
Bread maker! My mother is always trying to get me to buy one of those. But as I only have two pots don't want to make them jealous with another appliance.
OOps thought i left a comment but maybe not...Slippage of the mind and body. Think I might have been wittering on about pots and breadmakers and my mother, but who knows. Oh full English - that is my favourite meal of all time, they don't quite capture that here.
auntiegwen said…
Have a lovely time xxxx
libby said…
Nana....you are very wise y'know!..thanks for the good wishes x
LfBS..welcome...come on in and have a drink! I'm hoping the other blog ladies I mentioned will blog again..and I think auntiegwen is well....thanks for dropping by.
CQ....will let you know what he produces next...and I just hope I don't scoff too much as I am the original carbohydrate kid..cheese, bread, bring it on!
ALW..you surprise me! you eat a full english??? and stay so slim???
I wish I had your metabolism and energy!
AG...thank you m'dear xx
sensibilia said…
Your description of the charity shop - I have so been there!
Why don't you take charge of making bread in the breadmaker? You can use organic flour - no GM and it's much cheaper.

Ref property ladder - why don't you start a secret savings account for each child and offer it at the appropriate moment? Property is a huge tie, and they may not be ready yet.
libby said…
Sensibilia...thanks for calling in....with such good advice too!