My intention.....

I plan to post something everyday this month.
Now don't snort and roll your eyes at the back there...I am going to do it...honestly......well in all honesty I am going to try.
I am not going to cast around looking for words of wisdom. If I truly post something, whatever pops into my head, then at the end of the month I hope to be able to observe 'a month of me' and assure myself that I am not as crackers as my mother........(good luck with that aside from the mister..).

I will not post poetry.
Or recipes.
Or pictures of my cats.
Or details of what I have eaten and what I weigh.

I will try not to swear.
I might swear.

I will take a photo everyday and then post them on the last day in one of those rectangular mosaic thingies that I don't know how to do.
I will find out how to do a picture mosaic (does anyone know how to do one of these? can you let me know? thanks...).

So this, my intention, is not my first offering. Oh no, this does'nt count. It is day one...August 1st 2011...and I will think about what my first post will be while I do some ironing......glamour from dawn to dusk here.......sigh........


Steve said…
No pictures of cats? You are already streets ahead of many...!
That's a good idea, because I think it helps the flow...yes Mosaics, I always have to get my kids in to help with those, am useless at these kinds of things but they always look so great. Looking forward to reading the adventure!
Macy said…
I know how to do a mosaic effect on photoshop, does that count?

Posting is easy! It's getting the time to write a post that defeats me
Nana Go-Go said…
Look forward to it, Libs. I use `` for collages - it`s dead easy to do and best of all, it`s FREE!
libby said…
Thanks for dropping by everybody....I did'nt do any ironing....I sorted some paperwork out instead and then we met some friends in the pub for a my first August post is clouded by red wine........I am a failure of the first order..............................