How big is too big?

This morning, in weather that was sometimes hot and sunny and 2 minutes later lashing it down with rain, had you been in our local fields and woodland area, you would have seen me, the mister and our daughter trying to keep up with a large beautiful excitable golden retriever puppy, who was running about like a mad thing and darting in and out of the stream, and chasing anything and every ball it could find. The puppy is not ours, we are helping out a friend by doing some dog walking for him, but my mister is besotted and has the look of someone who is trying to work out how he can convince me that adding a dog to our home with two cats in it already would be a good idea. The puppy is lovely...big.....and lovely.........and we live in a semi with two cats. The whole dog walking episode was lovely, other people with dogs were friendly, and we all got a good long walk that we perhaps wouldn't normally have taken, but the mister and the daughter are now in cahoots about how they can persuade me to let them have a dog. I put forward every argument I could think of and they countered with something that just made me go 'mmmmm' but actually the one  thing we couldn't agree on at all was size of dog.......they want big 'or what is the point of having a dog?' and if and only if  I were ever to consider it then the dog would have to be one that didn't fill a room just by being in it............


Macy said…
Suggest to the family that they walk this dog every morning and every afternoon and every evening.
In the winter.
And if they still love then the idea, then they really should have a dog.
NB I prefer big dogs every time. I can't see the point of a stupid dog, and spaniels and Jack Russells... trouble.
Steve said…
A collie. Or a collie sized dog. Not too big but big enough to be a proper dog.
Kelloggsville said…
walking other people's dogs is lovely, you don't have to wash them afterwards or clean p after them, or feed them, or take them to the vets, or come home to a destroyed whatever...suggest they do a winter of walking someone elses dog and see how besotted they are then. That's walking everyday, twice a day, come rain or shine!
Macy said…
Oh god. Border collies are the best. I miss mine everyday.
There wasn't a thing I did here at home without Ned at least supervising.
But they are a lot of work, especially if you haven't had a dog before.
They train you. And they need days of exercise. They are also more than a bit obsessional.
Lesley said…
I think Collies are too clever for normal family life, they need too much stimulation!! JMHO.

I would recommend cocker spaniels as a compromise between your wanting a manageable hound and their desire for a "proper" dog. They are gundogs so love to connect with humans. Provided they are not overfed, they are athletic and can walk as long and as far as you want. But they are of a modest size and can be picked up and hauled in and out of cars. My cockers can keep up with any labrador or alsatian yet curl up in a corner or on a lap in the evenings without dominating the house!

Just a thought :-)