regrets and disappointments.....

My 'I want to .. honest'  post was one I wish I hadn't posted.
My guard was down and I was beginning to feel comfortable.
This is not the right place to be cracking open the shell and releasing all thought, feeling, emotion ... at least not for me.
This launching of ones words into the blogosphere is a curious thing. Exposing your heart and soul is cleansing and freeing and will make you the right circumstance. Right here, right now is just not...right.

Yet again, I know this much is true.......amazing people write blogs that show me how wonderful humans are.....they share words and wisdom with grace and humility and beauty ..... and remind me to see hope and happiness in every little thing or action or picture or word or deed or sound .

The blogs I read are all pen portraits of people that I think I would enjoy the company of. You all know who you are, as by and large I comment. Decent people with values and mores and shared sentiments, who express themselves with wit and humour and sometimes gravitas. We are after all herd animals and feel comfort in binding together. I do feel privileged to peek into these other lives sometimes, and if talk of family, and life in general is boring to others, it certainly never is to me.

I was having a 'moment'. A 'wobble'. I am over it now.

There is no judgement here. I aspire to become more tolerant as I is a work in progress.
Peace and love people...peace and love.


We're all entitled to have a wobble now and again - and it is entirely up to you how and where you feel comfortable doing.
Hope you're feeling OK now, despite the emotional see-saw this week has been for you.
You've hit the nail on the head as regards blogging for me. There are thousands of blogs I could visit and yet I gravitate to a small number where I feel a common bond: I can't necessarily pinpoint what it is that makes me gravitate towards them but there's something honest about them even when they are all different.

Like you, I feel I could invite them all round for a cuppa and it would work out just fine.
Andy said…
Glad the wobbling is over. I think you hit the nail on the head with the caveat "in the right circumstances".
Nana Go-Go said…
They say there`s strength in numbers - well not as far as blogging`s concerned. I`m happy to be, and stay insular with my small group because no-one should think upon `Blogland` as a barometer of how popular they are. I`m very comfortable coming here to read what you`re about, for you`re a woman after me own heart, Libs. It`s a pleasure and a privilege to `know` you. So `Mwaaahhh` from me and have a great weekend. x
libby said…
She means well - thank you for your kind words.
Trish, the kettle is on anytime you care to call!
Andy....of course...who knows when all our circumstances may change.....and I will be thinking of you on Sunday!!
You are all smashing people..I appreciate all of you dropping by.x
libby said… right you are about each of us being comfortable with our own little 'reading group' of blogs...and how kind you are for such lovely comments....mwaahh to you too and enjoy your weekend x
Kelloggsville said…
Had a good back read tonight and caught up, sorry I missed all the happenings. Hope your mum is a bit better now. I understood you about the pen portriats of people, I also feel that the blogs I read are people I think I would be happy to have a coffee chat with.
libby said…
Kellogsville...thank you. Sometimes it is lovely to 'catch up' with reading blogs isn't it? like dipping into another world for a break..
Marcheline said…
The whole point of my blog is to have a place where I can let loose. The key to that is not announcing your blog to people that you can't let loose in front of. I don't give a hoot what strangers think of me, if they judge me, or whatever. If they don't like my blog, they can just move on to another one. I think when a blog is open to the entire family and friends group, it becomes automatic to censor what you write. That's how I feel, anyway.

Of course, some folks have a family blog so that they can communicate with their folks around the world - that's another sort of blog. But mine is just for blabbing out my thoughts - an online journal. I like saying what I want to, whether I'm feeling positive or negative, and having a place that isn't mentally fenced in.
libby said…
Marcheline, you are so on the button here...each persons blog is theirs to do with as they please....and I like reading your 'blabbings'!
I entirely agree with every word you've said about the reasons we blog. Its about connecting with people who feel the same as you about ordinary everyday stuff. I'm glad I found your blog - its nice to know I'm not the only one who 'wobbles'!
Deer Baby said…
Blogging really is a funny old business when you start thinking about it isn't it? I love peeking into other people's lives and like you, I gravitate towards people I have something in common with, something that speaks to me, that I think I would get on with 'in real life'. I'm grateful for each and every comment you leave on mine.

We all do it in different ways. That's what I like about it.
libby said…
Catherine, thank you for your kind comment...wobbling isn't falling completely so we keep upright and moving on in the right direction..hopefully with a smile and shoulders back.
Deer Baby.....oh yes blogging is a curious beast, and I truly do have a 'blogging habit' now, as after all, via blogging you can 'visit' friends and share a cuppa and either laugh or cry, and yet never get out of your jamas or have to 'make up' your face and hair....heaven, and the fact that people take time out of their lives to comment on my blog, always, always surprises and delights me..thank you for calling in.
Curry Queen said…
There is nothing wrong in dropping ones guard every so often - it just serves to make us more human ... It took me a long time to learn that showing a certain vulnerability was not a sign of weakness! I thought your post was very moving. x
libby said…
Curry Queen......we live, we learn......thanks for dropping by x
Nana Go-Go said…
Hi Libs, just popping in to say have a great Easter Weekend - and I`m not really Wonder Woman - she wouldn`t still be floating around in her dressing gown at this time of day whilst eating Easter Eggs that she bought for other folk, on a Good Friday, would she? Enjoy. x
(I have mitigating circumstances.....the weather`s carp and I`m knackered!).
libby said…
Hi go girl! eat as many eggs as you like and don't get dressed until tomorrow if thats what you fancy! the way the weather is great here...where are you again??
Enjoy your weekend..happy easter x