Enough time and thought on what is afoot at the moment..SO...as distractions, inbetween times I have been  doing some gardening and crochet and ironing and reading and brushing the cat (why oh why did we ever get kittens for our daughter....I love the cats now of course, but the long haired one leaves hair everywhere and I HATE it) and cooking and generally trying to be a proper housewifey type person.

yes ..plastic....oh dear
  I went mad in the 99p shop and bought seeds and  pots and am experimenting with container grown seed potatoes, leeks and green beans. This is an experiment so no terracotta pots or digging up the garden, just a 'bung it all together, water and watch' sort of thing. Who knows....we might eat something home grown this summer.

I have also been on an ironing frenzy.......

Am enjoying reading this..
but have only managed to make this which doesn't look quite right

All week I have had a cold/cough/sore throat thing going on that has meant I don't sleep at night (not much of that at present anyway...) and am then knackered later in the day. In order to warm myself up (crikey it is perishing here today) perhaps I will go and clean out the inside of my car......I don't usually worry about that sort of thing but the stuff in it rolling around all the time is even starting to get on my nerves now,  as along with the tissues and carpark tickets and cd's, the mister used it to take stuff to the tip, so there is now an odour and lots of twigs and grass just to add to the delight......although I hasten to add the odour was not from the mister.
Must decide what to have for food this weekend too......it is time to stop stuffing my face with cake and chocolate and feel good stuff and try proper food again....maybe make something??
Anyhoo.....if you are reading this your boredom threshold MUST have been reached by now, but thanks for visiting, please share with me some of the delights of your domesticity, and have a lovely rest of the day................


I read 'The Help' a few months ago and loved it. What do you think of it so far?
libby said…
This is my second go at reading it Trish, and so far I am really enjoying it. The first time I picked it up at an airport and couldn't seem to read it easily, hearing the accents in my head and so forth, but looking back I think I was so nervous about flying that I couldn't focus. Usually I don't like the switching between people way of composition, and yet 'listening' in on the characters thoughts as the story progresses is moving everything forward in a pleasing way......I imagine it might be a good film.
Deer Baby said…
Hope you're feeling right as rain now. I was struck down by something last week - just when I'd blogged about sick days.

I haven't read The Help but people keep recommending it so I'll be interested to hear what you thought at the end.

Sometimes I love domesticity and take a real pleasure in keeping everything neat and done and lovely. I even bought a radiator brush - how sad is that? But others days it threatens to engulf me and I resent every single minute spent on it.