Tidy, empty......quiet..........can I go back please?

If only blogging had been around years ago. I have boxes and boxes of photos and of course my memories, but life goes by so very very quickly. My children are grown and flown and my house is now tidy, empty and quiet. The only place I know is inside my head and I think about our life with the kids when they were small so longingly.....such happy times. How wonderful it would be to be able to go back in time via reading your blog and looking at snapshots of each days activities or thoughts.
Although, discussing stuff with my daughter the other night, it was lovely to share with her that for me and her dad, this period of our marriage is perhaps like returning to our courting days......great fun, just us, doing what we want when we want to and enjoying our life together.....older and wiser and still together over 30 years later. Bald spots, wobbly bits and creaking joints...both of us!
So no..I don't want to go back...I want to make the most of what I have now...a little window of opportunity that is fabulous really.

 I think I may take some time (and it might take some time) to scan in all my photos........


Blogging has come late-ish for me so I have very little written down of when Rory was a baby or young boy. However, I have used prompts such as 'The Gallery' to search for old photos and this has enabled me to write about the memories of his childhood and even my own childhood.

I'm sure, once you get scanning, we will be reading some beautiful words from you to accompany the images. Can't wait!
Steve said…
In the process of doing similar myself... hopefully my blog will still be around when my kids are older so they can have a nose around and get a different perspective on things.
Nana Go-Go said…
....and when the grandkids come along you can do it all over again, only this time you get to say `I love you very much Grandchild but here`s your Mummy and Daddy come to collect you`!..and then spend the rest of your time making your house tidy,quiet and PEACEFUL!Grab that Freedom Baton, Libs and run as fast as you can!
Macy said…
I think my very self conscious teenager would be heartily glad his childhood wawsn't recorded on a blog for anyone at his school to check out...!

Mind you, having said that, I use his baby photos shamelessly on my blog, just under a pseudonym
Marcheline said…
Today is everything.