Sunday, January 16, 2011

just random thoughts.......

Sunday is a different sort of day for me and the mister now.
Used to be running one child or another somewhere or other and a big cooked lunch.
Now we eat what we like when we like and have a big blank canvas of a day to wallow about in.
Pretty good actually........just still feels a bit an inspector of some sort is going to turn up and make us account for our time..

On another note, my mother, who has been in and out of hospital just lately, is now taking 'something from the doctor just to stop me worrying so much...' and OH HAPPY DAY!!!...............she smiles, she laughs, she WENT OUT TO LUNCH with my far so good.....must get the name of the pill and just check for side effects etc., but hope she doesn't stop taking that very very selfish of me? perhaps, but I don't bloody care.....

Went day tripping yesterday and saw a bit more of our lovely countryside....also had lunch with a friend from lucky am I to have made a friend through the magic of t'internet?

I have a new boss starting tomorrow. I am 56. He looks about 12. Ho hum.

The Kings Speech.........worth going or what? any opinions?



Steve said...

The Kings Speech - yes. Haven't seen it myself but everyone I know who has, has come away raving.

I'll take a handful of your mother's pills if I may, just to see me through the week...?

auntiegwen said...

Let me know if the King's Speech is any good, thanks for yesterday, twas brilliant xxxx

Nana Go-Go said...

I wonder what it is about ladies of a certain age (I`m same age as you but as from two weeks away, will be adding a +1 to the number!) when they get into that `I don`t bloody care` mindset. If I keep going with it, pretty soon I`ll not be caring about ANYTHING under the sun. Is this good or bad?
Haven`t seen The King`s Speech but I hear it`s very,very good. However, I`d much rather have my Colin Firth appearing from the middle of a muddy field wearing nothing but very tight jodphurs and thigh length riding boots, with whip in t`other hand just to complete the ensemble. Sorry, it must be my age!I`d hate anyone to think I was `man daft`!Have a good week, Libs.

libby said...

Righto people....this roving reporter will try to get to the pictures this week and see Mr Firth (alas not in jodphurs Nana)because there does seem to be a lot of good reporting about this film.
Thanks for commenting....enjoy your day everyone.

Marcheline said...

I can't wait to see it! Might wait for it to come out on video due to budgetary restrictions, but will definitely watch it one way or t'other. I loves me some Colin Firth!

SMS said...

The King's Speech? Simply wonderful...the best film I've seen in a-g-e-s.