Happy Christmas.....

I am lucky enough to have been given two early presents that I am enjoying already. Two music cd's put together especially for me..how wonderful is that? My daughter put together 'lots of stuff that I just thought you might like mom' and how well my child knows me...I love it all...some of it old that I am slightly familiar with, because I remember hearing it emanating from her room before she went to Uni., and it reminds me of her, and some new stuff that reminds me of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell from many years ago...goes to show that good voices and solid writing never goes away. The other cd is a gift from a friend at work....I mentioned that I liked Django Rheinhart and Stephane Grappelli. How kind of him to make a disc for me.......I am spoilt for choice....and  very lucky.....I have family and friends...truly blessed.

Took the above photo in the garden.....nearly trod on it and then looked down.....looks like a festive heart to me.......Have a happy and healthy Christmas and a wonderful new year.


Steve said…
Love the photo - found art is a rare gift indeed!
Oh what a heart-warming post. The idea of your daughter putting together a special CD is just so thoughtful. Loving the photo - a big fat heart for Christmas.
Wishing you love and happiness for 2011 xx
auntiegwen said…
To my beautiful friend

I love you


Marcheline said…
Great post and LOVE that picture... a Yuletide gift from mother earth! All the best, warmest wishes to you and yours.
libby said…
Good people...as I type I have a big fat Christmas dinner belly and feel that I don't need to ever eat again......but of course that will change, give me time.
You are all lovely people and I truly appreciate you calling in - peace and happiness x