There is frost on the car and it is dark and cold outside. The tea is hot and the toast is tasty. I would like not to go to work just stay here and read and crochet (must finish babette blanket..) and perhaps put a film on to watch.  This is of course madness. Not watching a musical, no that is never madness...always cheers me up no end....but contemplating playing hookey and hiding away here in my home like I used to do when I should have been taking exams at school.
Strange how the arc of the story of my life is so clear there.
Anxious child? wait till everyone is out and then return from walk to school to guard the house.
Fuck up your Grammar school education.
Have no career.
Work for many many many years in crap job.
Middle aged woman? now everyone has left the house I would like to stay in it and not go to crap job.

Breakfast over. Decision made.


Steve said…
A day playing hookey once in a while... shucks... what harm can it do? I won't tell anybody.
Oh I'm wondering what the decision was.

I was meant to be going to help a computer class at my son's old primary school as I do most Tuesday mornings - but felt run down and light-headed, so cried off. Now I feel guilty.
auntiegwen said…
I so hoped you stayed at home. It's freezing here and me no likey the cold xxx
libby said…
What can I say? I'm a disappointment to you, to me....I did go in and earn my money...never make a master criminal me...I'm a follower not a leader.......
marcheline..I'm sorry I lost your comment.
diney said…
you sounded down - hope you are feeling more up beat and positive by now. Regrets -I have a few too, but we mustn't let them spoil our days. It's a waste. x
Oh dear. I felt like that a million times but you have just got to keep going. Freedom is just an illusion.
Madame DeFarge said…
We all need a duvet day once in a while. But good for you going in. I kind of feel the same right now, for all sorts of reasons. Hope the weekend is good.