Monday, November 15, 2010

a trickle that may become a stream.....

I remember.....

Reading a letter to my mother from her son, my brother, which casually said at one point 'oh and I got married at the weekend'.

Telling my little boy that he had passed the Grammar School entrance exam.....he said 'Oh good mom...... what's for tea?'

Stand up shouting fights with my mister than ended up in doors slamming and seperate rooms.

Dreaming that my little sister was drowning in a bath of very shallow water with a damp towel over her....but I saved her.

Using a video camera in the torrential sideways rain in Ireland in the middle of nowhere when we had rented a cottage on a mountain and my husband and the kids were wrapped up in rainwear and boots and scarves and although the weather was horrendous and we walked for miles and miles we seemed to never stop laughing.

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Steve said...

It's definitely a good idea to write all these days - even just a few words and phrases can be terrifically provocaticve.

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.