Sunday, October 31, 2010

the hours......

Yesterday, upon waking, I decided that I would make an effort to enjoy every little bit of the day that I could. Look at things, appreciate my life. I know it is a small life. An ordinary life. Happily that is OK with me.  As I have said before, I am middle aged, middle looking, middle ability ordinary. With great blessings though. I can see, hear, move, think, use the hours of the weekend as freely as I good is that?
My day was one I want to try to remember, because of its very ordinary nature. Nothing bad happened. So I tried to think about and relish each hour.
Leisurely breakfast, reading, showering, titivating the hair and face and getting dressed. Own hair and teeth. Good start.
Accidentally meeting a friend of my daughters on the station as I bought myself a ticket for a day out...he tells me how well she is and how she is having the best time and how they had a lovely evening out in the week and will give her my love in person this week. I am content.
There is a robin hopping about by my feet on the platform. I love to see Joe Robin. Makes me happy.
A train journey that showed me houses, fields, trees, horses, motorways, farms. All washed with a warm sun.
Shopping. But 'treaty' shopping. Not necessary items. New mascara. Second hand books.
Figs and raspberries and nuts.  Two skirts that I don't really need....but both from charity shops.
Seeing a Saturday in action in a place where people were just getting on with the day and going about their traders, shoppers, charachters dressed up, birds of prey on display, kids getting excited about impending 'spookiness'. Lighting a candle in a beautiful Cathedral, taking some time to sit and think.
On the return journey the young lad near me on the train, wearing a hoodie and keeping himself well tucked in to the corner of the seat and trying to be invisible, became anxious as the ticket inspector moved along the carriage. I surprised myself by taking out my purse to see if I had some change to give him. Really surprised myself....usually I am very 'angry of old bugger land' and think you should have a ticket like the rest of us...but somehow the sunshine and the lovely day out made me less judgemental possibly...anyhoo...the inspector asked for his ticket and just as I was about to lean across and proffer some change, the inspector said he would let him off this time but don't do it saw kindness at work.
Met up with my mister in a bar (no alcohol...soft drinks) and decided that instead of cooking we would go mad and have the M+S eat out for a tenner deal. No preparation, no pots and pans to wash.
Talked to my kids on the 'phone. Had tea and cheesecake. Did a crossword. Watched rubbish on TV as I read. Listened to Elton John in concert. Took me back so many many years in my head.
Looked back on the day happily.
In a really heartfelt way, certainly not a smug way, want to celebrate how lucky I am. I am ordinary, leading an ordinary life, and I wish such a free, ordinary life, could be enjoyed by everybody.
Still a'feared o'the fates....but managed another day without their inteference, so maybe they are kind too. Hope so.

These pictures are really bad I know....but apart from the spelling in the cabbage shot....I like them.


She Means Well... said...

It may have been an ordinary day, but it certainly sounds like one well lived.

Steve said...

Sometimes a lazy M&S meal is the perfect way to end the day...!

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

I had to click on the cabbage shot to look at the spelling!!

I think this is such a lovely post - I'm so pleased the inspector let the poor lad off paying too x

Twenty seven.

For now anyway.