Sunday, October 31, 2010

Setting myself a challenge...and toughening up a bit..

Words were said today. Statements made with conviction. The world did not spin off its axis. Am a bit tired of being accommodating. Tomorrow is the start of a new month. A beginning. Good. My sleeves are rolled up.

On a lighter note......from tomorrow I intend to post everyday....a word, a sentence, a picture.  I can hardly contain your excitement can you? I saw you roll your eyes just then ....... but blog for me...I might even start to swear in print (I certainly do in real life..)..and write about more than dull as ditchwater stuff.


auntiegwen said...

Good girl yourself ! x

Steve said...

Looking forward to it...!

Marcheline said...


(Just helping you get going with the swearing thing...)

Nana Go-Go said...

Can`t wait!But just remind me never to meet up with you on a dark night...phew!