designated area......

Ok. Let's not get excited now. There is no plan. Don't know what might tumble out.

Have had a lovely weekend. All visitors and children have left the building. University child has rung to say she is now back and all is well with her. Sister and family are on their way home, with promises of get togethers in a few weeks. Parents, I think, enjoyed lunch yesterday, and forgot their own aches and pains today, as they had to be good samaritans to their 'elderly' neighbour, who had fallen.
All laundry has been transferred from the 'dirty' basket, via the magic of the washing machine, to the 'will sit here for weeks until you need me' basket.
I have put the dishwasher on. I have dyed my hair dark, or 'autumnal' as I like to think of it. Then again I like to think of my mind as alert and my body as slim and toned..HA.
Tea has been drunk and right NOW has been designated as 'blogging' time.

Imagine tumbleweed rolling across the prairie.......

I could say that, to my surprise, when I tried on a size 16 skirt today, it didn't was ever so slightly tight....but that would be admitting to being a lardarse IN PRINT so perhaps will keep that to myself......

I could say that, my dad still makes me laugh everytime he says 'one less pound in the doctors pocket' whenever someone farts.....I did think about saying 'passes wind' just then, but actually in real life I say must be true to myself here.

I could say that I am relieved there is no choir this week, what with it being half term and all, and  me quite fancying a week of going nowhere and doing nothing - other than going to work of course.

I could say that 8% alcohol wine is ok once you get used to it. Which it is. Honestly. Stop laughing.

I could say that looking at the local houses for sale in the paper this week, the house I live in, with the mortgage that I will never repay, has gone down in price by thousands and thousands of pounds over the last few years ... thousands and thousands and ........oh long as God spares me and I never move house again, things will all work out in the end. I hope.

I could also say that today I spent at least an hour looking over old photographs....aaaahhhed....over pictures of the kids.....smiled to myself as I realised how old we looked in the eighties...when we were younger.

I could say that, thinking about it, and taking advice from all who volunteered an opinion, setting aside time to blog might be the way to go..........

and this is how frosty it was in the garden this morning.


Nana Go-Go said…
What a refreshing post!Not a hint of Cath Kidston in sight, phew!Relief :) I`ve got my autumnal dye at the ready : it`s called `Arizona Copper` but I think it may as well be called `Balitia Beacon Orange` - maybe I`ll give it to someone else to make a laughing stock of themselves. I quite fancy a darker shade but then I would officially be my Mother for 6 weeks or until the roots started growing in!

It`s too early for frost in my opinion but nevertheless, we had our share this morro too.

Lovely to (see) you again.
Steve said…
I know what you mean about half term - I'm doing a sign language course and though I'm loving it I'm also relieved to have a week off!
Sometimes it's nice to just tread water.
This business with your father - "That's one less pound in the doctor's pocket". I don't get it. Is he saying the emittance of a fart is evidence of healthy insides? Where did your father pick up the expression? Some people say "More tea vicar?". When I was a boy my mother taught us to chant "Pardon me". Why should I beg forgiveness for a natural bodily function which is performed daily by every human being on the planet? Yes, even the lovely BBC newsreader - Michelle Hussain - the thinking man's trumpet!
libby said…
YP...he also used to say 'better an empty house than a bad tenant'..... and who knows where these sayings come from. Thinking man's trumpet..very funny. not having homework isn't it? restful.
Nana..Oh Cath....drives you mad doesn't it?
Thanks for dropping by everybody.
Marcheline said…
As a landlord, I can fully relate to that second comment of your dad's.... although I cannot say I equate good fart with saving money at the doctor's. As my husband and I have been working our way through a batch of homemade chicken enchiladas with beans this week, we have saved no telling how many pounds from the doctor's pocket!