Thursday, October 21, 2010

blogging now and again....

Keep wanting to write things. Wake up and want to write things. Think of things I want to write. Never get around to writing though. Have realised that in order to blog you have to apply yourself and make time to do it. Not as a chore. No never that.  As a chunk of time I devote to just thinking/typing/rambling.
If the rest of the world has moved on to twitter I don't care. I very much want to continue to blog. Some of the best blogs I read are virtual voices of people of all ages who, in my mind, are leaving a trail of words that, should they ever be followed, lead their family or their friends to a place sometimes worth visiting.
So yet again, I am visiting the inside of my head and putting it into print....maybe when I have alzheimers or dementia, I will backtrack and read these ramblings and they will make me remember....possibly smile.
Anyhoo...........I feel quite chipper today. Don't know why, but I'm not going to worry about that, just roll with it. Choir last night was hard work ... the lady next to me kept saying 'is that a c? a g?/who is doing the descant? /you really don't read music??' and yet again I felt like a right idiot...but I'm not giving up yet.
Bought a lovely pair of boots in a charity shop. Cooked a spaghetti tonight ready for tea organised is that? Am reading a good book. Am not daunted by the very large pile of ironing threatening to topple over and kill the cats. Had a friend over to stay on Friday night...booked tickets for a gig.
Have spoken to both of my kids absolutely adoring being at Uni., and the other applying for a job (if anyone is reading this and feels so inclined then please do cross fingers for him..thank you) and I am ignoring any bad news in the media and just taking each day as it comes. I have no control over lots of things in life. Will accept that. Have joined a photography club so hopefully over time will post some half way decent pictures here....the photos on the blogs I read are amazing. Am totally ignoring grammar/spelling/compostion etc., on this blog....feels freeing to be able to just witter away.
Might go and pour myself a glass of wine now...what do you think? should I?


Steve said...

Yes to the wine; yes to making time to blog; good luck for your job hunting son and keep going with the choir. Communing with one's consciousness is always a good thing.

diney said...

A stream of consciousness is always a good catharsis. Yes to the wine and the choir - it takes time to feel confident but it can only get easier each time you go. Just have the wine after rather than before or you won't ever know your descant from your soprano or your a from your g!!

BrightenedBoy said...

A glass of wine sounds quite appropriate.

Sometimes, when the world around seems chaotic and threatening, it is nice to take refuge in our own small worlds of cats and ironing and dinners with friends.

So far as writing goes, you just have to make yourself do it. I am terrible at procrastinating, but I set aside one hour each night, usually after dinner, and devote that time to whatever project I'm working on. You'd be surprised how much you get done if you do that often enough.

I'm in a choir as well and also can't read music. Having a good ear has been a godsend in that environment.

Madame DeFarge said...

I hoped you had the glass of wine. And maybe several more since then. I like your blog because it's straightforward and simply states life like it is for you. I'll read that quite happily.

Isabelle said...

Not too much wine, now...

libby said...

A couple of glasses of wine and me did get together over the last few days...just a few..and lovely it was too....hope you lovely people all had a good weekend.

Marcheline said...

"the very large pile of ironing threatening to topple over and kill the cats"


Twenty seven.

For now anyway.