Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Over it now....maybe

Just in case you're interested I didn't cry.....well not in front of her anyway....I smiled and hugged her, said 'have fun sweetpea, love you' and climbed into the car with a wave and a smile. Three minutes later on the motorway home I could be brave no longer and asked my husband, between gulps and sobs and tears, if he could turn the car around and we could not leave her at university please. Quietly (for he was a bit emotional himself) he reminded me that she was fine, would have a great time, and that I should have a good cry and get it all out and then concentrate on carrying on.
One week and a bit later, and having used skype for the first time (oh the wonders of the modern world) I have changed her bed, hoovered her room, and am now looking forward to seeing her sometime in the next few weeks. I have seen the photos of the new people she is enjoying making friends with, heard about the parties and the drinks, and believe with all my heart that she will be happy and involved and live, love, laugh and learn. What more could I want for my beautiful girl?

So the dreaded departure came and went and all was well........I am using my favourite photo of her as a bookmark though.

p.s. To all the kind people who have read my whiny scribblings over the past few months, and commented so sagely....thank you...each and everyone of you....you are good folk and I appreciate each and every comment.


Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Oh I'm so pleased it went well and you're coping without your lovely girl.

I remember my mum telling me that after she and my dad dropped me off at University, she cried all the way home. An hour up the motorway they realised they had left the petrol cap at the services so had to turn round and go back. To this day she doesn't know how she managed not to go back into the college and take me home with her!She wouldn't let my dad go to work the next day: apparently they put some soppy records on and danced in the living room.

auntiegwen said...

aaawh lovey, we have survived :)

Did you have a good holiday? xxx

Nana Go-Go said...

I think the various motorways throughout the land must be the favourite spot for the `bawling out`! The M9 was mine!Well done lassie, you`re a Braveheart indeed!(even though you`re very obviously not Scottish....but then again, neither was Mel Gibson.lol).

Steve said...

Glad it went well and from what I remember of my Uni days she will have spent the first few nights wrestling with the urge to ring you up and ask to come home. But she needs to find herself and stick it out - which is what it sounds like she's doing. And after the first couple of weeks it all becomes marvellous and exciting and I don't doubt for an instance that she will bloom. And she still has a great mum and dad to come home to for the hols!

SMS said...

Hi, it's my first visit to your blog...
I guess all of us who deposit our kids into a newly independent-living world share many of the same anxieties. And I agree, Skype can be wonderful, a real life-saver on occasion!

libby said...

Trish your mom sounds fabulous.
AG...Surely did!
Nana...I do still have a little moment now and again..but overall, the transition has been good.
Steve...thank you..and she's coming home next weekend!
SMS. Welcome....thanks for dropping by..you obviously have shared this experience.

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