Day off today. Husband and daughter both at work. Should be cleaning, ironing, shopping, cooking, tidying,taking my glasses back to opticians. Have just been sat here for an hour in my dressing gown reading this what happens once you start blogging? and at what point do you feel ok posting comments on newly discovered blogs? will you feel like an uninvited guest? and how can you get your 'get up and go' to return when its gotten up and gone?....need to go and get dressed now and start doing things...will return later in the day...if anyone reads this please offer solution to 'I need to stop being a lazy f..ker' problem for me..thanks


auntiegwen said…
Me too, my day off, have all of your list to do also, except change your take glasses back to organise an eye test and...still in my jammies too, if anyone else has a solution for myself and Libby, please let us know :)